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Ambient Weather WR-111B is the kind of radio that you can always count on. As they say, “when the shit hits the fan, you need something that can help you live off grid for a while.” This is the device that’s not only NOAA certified, but also comes with a multitude of handy features to entice you all the way to kingdom come.

To be quite fair, if I am lost on an excursion to nowhere, I would want to be left with three things. A hot girl, a lifetime supply of food and the Ambient Weather WR-111B Radio to shut her trap when I am bored to death. By the way, compared to the old line of Ambient Weather series emergency radios, the 111-B radio model fares well.

If I have to make the direct comparison of this model with the WR-111, I’d say that this one works better. It does have a few minor complaints, but who am I kidding here? Every product has a few complaints – nothing’s perfect.

So what’s the basic premise of an emergency radio? The cardinal rule of the E-radio is that you want it available at time of an emergency. What good is a radio if you can’t turn it on? Therefore, the first and the foremost rule of falling love with the Ambient Weather WR-111B is that it’s got a self charger/ charge retention feature.

Before I start with the Ambient Weather WR-111B review, I would like you to read what the company says about this product.

Ambient Weather WR-111 Radio Product Features and Specifications:

Dynamo Power: Being the best hand crank radio ever, this one’s got an internal Lithium Ion battery. You need to crank the radio with your hand whenever the battery is in need of some extra juice.

Solar Power Mode: If you can’t crank it; you are not supposed to fret it. During sunlight, the Ambient Weather WR-111B lithium battery gets charge from solar power. So if you are running the radio in direct sunlight, it will keep on running because the solar panels will continue to absorb the energy.

USB Power Mode: There could be a scenario where the Ambient Weather WR-111 radio can run out of charge completely. Even though the company has thrown in the solar and dynamo power feature, they still went a step ahead. There’s a USB charge/ play mode. Simply plug the Radio in its USB adapter to charge it or play it. You can also connect it with the computer if the USB port supports it.

Available Radio Channels and Bands:

AM: 525 KHz to 1710KHz
FM: 88MHz to 108 MHz
Digital 7-Channel Weather Band
Weather Alert Mode with audible and visual indication

Additional Features of the Ambient Weather WR-111B Radio

  • The Ambient Weather WR-111 Radio comes with a USB charging cable for Micro USB, iPod, iPad, Apple device charging. If the provided cable is not working, you can use the one that your Apple device already has. The radio supports both the micro and the regular USB ports.
  • 3 Led Flashlight
  • Retractable Antenna – Not exactly a huge turn on. I have been seeing these antennas since I was a kid. Not a big deal.
  • 1 x Wrist Lanyard to let it “hang” in there by the side of your hand.
  • Ambient Weather WR-111B Radio Dimensions – 5.5 Inch X 3.0 Inch X 2.0 Inch.
  • Overall Radio Weight – A little less than 1 Lbs.

 This Radio Can Fully Charge Your iPhone

The WR-111B Emergencey Hand Crank Radio Can Fully Charge the iPhone

Ambient Weather WR-111 Review for Pure Adventurers:

I am imagining you as an old man, sitting in a cabin, with a shotgun by his side. He is impulsive; he doesn’t trust anyone or anything for that matter; he blames everything on the government. What “you” really count on is the Ambient Weather WR-111 Emergency Radio and that’s about it. As stated earlier, the sole purpose of the emergency radio is to come in handy when there is a state of an emergency.

Given that you had the radio stored away for, you’d want it to run flawlessly. For this kind of thing to happen, there has to be charge in the radio battery. Secondly, if need be, the radio should be able to receive radio transmissions from a reasonable distance. Since the size and weight of this radio has been kept within limits, its performance outgrows users’ expectations generally.

Things that I Liked in the Ambient Weather WR-111 Emergency Radio:

  • I live 60 miles off the coast where NOAA weather broadcast transmitter is installed. I remember the first time I turned on the WR-111B radio and switched over to the weather band. I couldn’t believe my ears. Yes, there was some static but the overall sound was pretty good. I was like, Okay wow this thing really works.
  • My other weather radios, even if they had the NOAA certified tag on them, churned out a shitty reception. Against other radios, the Ambient Weather WR-111 reception turns crystal clear whenever I step near the window or go outside. It is as if you are standing inside the radio station – the voice is that much clear!
  • For the $39.99 price and not to mention over 700 satisfied customer reviews, Amazon is selling the Ambient Weather WR-111 radio like hot cakes.
  • For an emergency preparedness, don’t forget to take this radio with you. In fact, make it a part of your kit right away.
  • The 3 LED mode also indicates solar charging. When you are standing close to a window, the LED indicates whenever the radio solar panels are absorbing sunlight and transmitting it over to the Lithium Ion battery inside.

I tested the charging theory a little bit on my own. I wanted to charge my cellphone, using the Ambient Weather WR-111 as the main source. I know the idea seems a little crazy, but what if you have the radio placed on solar or dynamo charge and then you connect your cell to it? The cell phone charging capability works well.

AW Exaplins the Charge Cycle for WR-111B Radio

My phone shows full charge if I have the Ambient Weather WR111b or the WR111 connected and placed on a window sill. All you need is a sunny morning and let the charging carry out on its own. In the Ambient Weather WR-111 radio user manual, it says that the device can only partially charge cellphones. No, that’s not right.

Maybe my cell is not taking that much intensive charge. But still, it gets full battery through this radio. Moving on, we take a look at the WR111B buttons. They are straight forward; apparently not too many to get confused, and carry a simple easy-to-use system. After unpacking this radio for the first time, I wouldn’t want you to waste your time reading the user manual. The device is extremely easy to operate.

Few things that I Didn’t Like about the Ambient Weather WR-111:

Yeah, that ‘Made in China’ tag is a big turn off. Trust me, if I could remove it somehow, I’d have done that. Then again, its Chinese and they can sell decent products at cheap rates. Maybe this radio is not that much reliable on the inside. But the overall body toughness and radio finishing tells a completely different story of course.

At the time of purchase, they said that this radio had a Carabiner Clip in the box packaging. I didn’t find it. Maybe I was one of those people who never got the Carabiner Clip. Normally, I wouldn’t have made a big issues for the sake of one god damn clip, but when you say so on the box content list, please don’t be so careless.

In the end, a small muslin cloth bag for all the cables would have been a nice addition. It is more of a recommendation, rather than a “setback” of purchasing the radio. You have all my blessings, the Ambient Weather WR-111 radio is a great companion to anyone who’s looking to spend some time alone in the wild, or perhaps under the quiet starry nights.

In conclusion, if this radio would’ve been waterproof, I’d have given it a 10 out of 5 rating. But hey, you can’t ask for everything. The Ambient Weather WR-111 is perfect because its predecessors have horrible reception. At least, this one comes with great performance, some really nice features and indeed the makings of a true high class emergency radio. Kudos to you AW; thanks for listening to all the customer complaints and really making a product worthwhile.