Among the US user base of Android smartphones and smart wear, ASUS has never been known as pure Android products manufacturing company. Over the past decade, however, ASUS has been working very hard to change its common perception as a PC and tablet manufacturing company and to make an entrance into the smartphone market.

ASUS recently released an affordable smartphone and now with the appearance of this smart watch it is not hard to guess that the company has rather ambitious plans.

Computex, Asia’s largest tech exhibition could not get more exciting than this; with the ASUS ZenWatch 2 making an appearance, the Android wear market is in for a big competition. ASUS is of the same origin as Computex and has been keeping a constant trend of unveiling its latest gadgetry at the tech fest.

This is ASUS’s second attempt at Android wear, preceded by the ZenWatch, which made an appearance in late 2014. With one smart watch rolling out after another, it has been rather evident that all companies are equally interested in acquiring the potential user base of this comparatively lesser explored genre of the Android gadgets. This article makes an attempt to see what makes the ZenWatch 2 better than its competitors along with its shortcomings.


The ZenWatch 2 has a crown like the Apple watch although the only similarity between the two is of the name. The crown on the ZenWatch 2 is essentially a power button with a fancy name. The ZenWatch 2, however, is the first Android smart wear to offer a variety of different sizes, strap materials, and colors.

The ZenWatch 2, all in all, has to offer 18 different combinations of colors and materials.  The case has a topping of slightly curved Gorilla Glass 3 surface. The watch is pleasant to look at and does not feel too formal or too sport as some of it predecessors from rival companies. 


As mentioned before, ASUS ZenWatch 2 is the first Android wear to offer a choice of the sizes. It provides option to choose between a 49mm-tall stainless steel case with an interchangeable 22mm strap or a 45mm-tall stainless steel one with an 18mm strap. When compared with the Apple watch that just made an appearance not a long time ago, it also had two size options between 42mm and 38mm.

The options between different sizes makes the watch more liable to be sold to people with varying wrist sizes or men and women for that instance can buy the version that’s suits their wrists most.


The case comes in silver, gunmetal, rose and gold colors while the straps can be chosen from stainless steel, rubber or leather ones. A partnership between Swarovski and ASUS has additionally allowed the customers to opt for a leather strap with an embossed diamond pattern that comes ornamented with Swarovski crystals.

The straps present the customers with a whole range of colors and materials to choose from making the ZenWatch 2 both stylish and trendy. The rubber straps featured with the watch comprise of a huge variety of colors including Khaki, a rather popular color choice. 


The ASUS ZenWatch 2 will come equipped with the company’s latest magnetic charging connector that has been claimed to improve charging time considerably. With no further details available with regards to the charging timings and other means for charging, much is left to speculations. No information other than the claim of improved charging times has been provided by ASUS while, on the matter of discharging times, the company is yet to make a statement.

Android Version

The ASUS ZenWatch 2 features the latest Android version that the same as that previewed in the LG watch Urbane. The company, however, claims that each and every aspect of the operating system on the ZenWatch 2 has been refurbished. The camera has been through a major update, and the connected android’s viewfinder can now be put to use.

Moreover, the watch can switch between the connected android’s front and rear cameras as well as zoom in and zoom out. Another update allows users to make their custom watch faces. While all the updates are commendable, the overall feel of the Android operating system that the ZenWatch 2 is running is not speculated to be much different than what it is.

Release Date and Price

ASUS has not yet mentioned the release date for the ZenWatch 2 neither has the company given a full account of all the specifications that the ZenWatch 2 is to have. ASUS has been quoted saying that a more in-depth feature of the ZenWatch 2 shall be made at the IFA in Berlin, this September.

Company officials have also reportedly said that ASUS aims to keep the price for its latest ZenWatch 2 consistent with that of the ZenWatch. This means that the company seeks to provide affordable Android wear to the typical customers. It has also been reportedly said that the choice of the strap will largely determine the cost of the watch.

Our take on the ZenWatch 2

With only a limited number of specifications made public and the promise to make a full appearance at the IFA, ASUS has certainly grabbed some attention for its latest ZenWatch 2. More and more users interested in buying Android smart wear these days.

Considering this, striving on to make a watch that will provide them with fashion choices as well as the technical qualifications in Android wear is a smart move by ASUS. Although, with so many technical giants fighting for a place in the smart wear market, the ZenWatch 2 will have to do a little more than that. 

Features like battery timing that not have been unveiled yet will account for the success or failure of this ZenWatch 2. Moreover, since ASUS is striving hard to get noticed among other relatively modern and household choices among USA and Europe, the company does have to pay stress more to the ready availability of the product itself rather than having it make half appearances.