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Three different people lent perspective on Cheetah Mounts for LCD TVs, LED Panels and monitors. Since I do not own the product, I figured why not review something that’s already being used by the kind hearted fellows of the local community? Plus, Cheetah TV mounts have more than 1,200 positive reviews at Amazon; they can’t be all wrong, can they?

  • Engineer Guy | I Bought Cheetah LCD Mount Because…

Cheetah Mounts Rear TV View | Google ImagesThis guy is an engineer by profession; hardly over 50s, and with an extra eye for structural details. When he ordered Cheetah Wall Mounts, he did so for the love of seeing his 52’’ Inch Samsung LCD TV on the wall. Did he get to do it?

Yeah, if you can put it this way – the wall mount did serve its primary purpose of latching on to the TV rear panels. However, the biggest perk of ordering Cheetah TV mounts isn’t always intended for the sheer benefit of hanging monitors, LCDs and God knows what. It’s always meant for a higher purpose.

In this guy’s case, he was more than happy to order the mount because he was able to swing and swivel his heavy-as-a-bulldozer TV quite easily.

Let’s hear the story in his words… 

“I am a civil engineer by profession – I know a structurally balanced thing when I see it. When the Cheetah mount packaging arrived, I was quite impressed with the overall design of this thing. It was big; it was bulky in a nice way and it sure looked like something that could withstand a lot of weight.

I have a brand new 52 Inch Samsung LCD TV and I needed something that could hold the heat. Living in a first floor conduit has its own limitations. Granted the size of my place isn’t roomy, I used the default hardware and screws that Cheetah mount guys supplied in the box.

I installed the TV on the wall, and ran my cables through it. After a heinous load of cutting and drilling, the masterpiece was finally up and running. Cheetah mounts come with lag screws; they were more than efficient. I load tested the TV and guess what? These wall mounts could easily hold over 200 Lbs. weight. It seemed as if the TV wasn’t even hanging there – everything looked so solid.

I am totally pleased with my purchase. Please keep up the good work Cheetah.”

I don’t really know which specific model of Samsung 52’’ LCD TV this guy had. But if I had to take a guess, I’d have gone for Samsung LN52A750 LCD. Not a bad choice, given that this TV has 1080p HDTV display, over 400 satisfied customer reviews at Amazon, and an internal 1GB flash memory. Good choice, bro. I mean… uncle!

  • The Control Freak In Thy Neighborhood | Bought Cheetah Mount Because…

42 Inches Panasonic Plasma TV | Amazon ImagesSlightly different reason to state down here; the guy wanted to buy a sturdy wall mount for his TV. Only in his case, the TV was of smaller size. He looked around on the internet for TV wall mounts until Cheetah showed up. A blend of skepticism and reluctance ultimately got him something that he’s quite thankful for.

I’m calling him a control freak because he wanted things to be unusually perfect. You know how control freaks are; they are never too sure about buying something because they always need the all-in-one solution to whatever they’re looking for. If the product manufacturers made a modicum of mistake – oh boy, it’s coming off as a negative review.

However, for a control freak, this guy finally surrendered. He was thoroughly satisfied with his purchase because Cheetah wall mount delivered as per the advertisement. Hear the story in his words:

Cheetah Mounts Review | Courtesy of Youtube

“I just got my 42’’ Panasonic TC-P42X1 TV. It was a bold move, I admit, but it was something I needed to buy for the living room. With the intention of hanging the TV above our grand fireplace, I desired a wall mount that would actually hold on to the TV like one of those cursed Japanese souls.

Lolz, the Best Buy guys were selling a wall mount for LCD TV at $300. I was shocked and I told them to stick it in. Next stop was Amazon. With little bit of clicking around, I am finally lead to the ‘Cheetah Mounts – Plasma LCD Flat Screen’ page.

Several reviews and the idea of dual arm articulating motion later, I placed my order. It was very easy to install and there was no big fuss in following the directions. Cheetah basically enclosed all the necessary screws and an easy-to-follow manual in the box packaging. The assembly was self explanatory, as it was mostly assisted with diagrams.

I loved this mount because of its SOLID construction. It is VERY VERY solid because of pure steel build. It was primarily made for 16’’ spacing but I heard that people are also using it for 12’’ spacing purposes.

Needless to say, the fairly smooth action of this LCD mount has turned a skeptic into a huge believer. Even though it is hard to believe that the only thing holding your hefty monitor or TV is a metallic bar and a mount bracket, the entire structure conforms to its purpose as a body.

I would certainly recommend this wall mount to anyone who is looking to buy cheap and yet highly effective product.”

  • The Gabby Nanny | Bought Cheetah Monitor Mount Because…

Last but not the least, even the gabbiest of customers is satisfied with Cheetah mounts. I’ve got one small review from a Gabby lady; she says she liked the mount monitor mount because it could bear with 260 Lbs. weight.

Gabriela Chanel from MySpace | Not the Gabby Nanny I was Talking About

Gabriela Chanel from MySpace 

I have no idea what she was trying to hang because frankly, 260 Lbs. seems like a lot of weight for any latest slim design TV. Maybe she was just trying to swing her arms around her for exercise purposes? Anyhow, the woman says that her kids have a 165 Lbs. 46’’ Inch Screen Samsung TV.

If you want to know the specifics, the full name for this TV is Samsung LN46A7560 1080p LCD HDTV. It has something to do with “Red Touch of Color”. I haven’t tested this TV yet, so can’t say whether its good for the money.

However, generally speaking, she thought that the Cheetah TV mount installation instructions were flaky. I doubt if her boys helped her during the entire process. In the end, she got the mount and the TV up and running with a lot of emphasis on DIY (Do It Yourself) antics. She’s satisfied with the range of movement and the ability to swing the TV towards the kitchen door. Apparently, she can now cook food and watch her favorite TV shows at the same time.