I stumbled upon this voracious gaming accessory a few days ago. Actually, you can make it a week. Within this much time period, the CM Storm Trigger Mechanical Gaming keyboard lands somewhere in between an ergonomic accessory for hardcore gamers – and a high end addition to your gaming arsenal. Since Cooler Master did not slap it with a heavy price tag, I’d say that the Storm Trigger backlit keyboard is good for long term use.

Front view of the CM Trigger with all back light On

The keyboard does have its setbacks; some of them are genuine, while others are negative projections from dumb retards who don’t know how to properly use a decent keyboard. We’ll talk about everything in detail; hang on…

CM Trigger Gaming Keyboard Review and Unboxing Video | YouTube

Good Stuff about CM Storm Trigger Mechanical Gaming keyboard:

  • Typing feels a lot better than most of the mechanical keyboards. Credit goes to Cooler Master developers for carefully isolating each key and adding the G Force factor. An estimate says that you can get approx. 50,000 keystrokes per key on this keyboard.
  • LED backlit keys emit bright color. However, the color emission depends on the type of keyboard you purchased. If you went for the CM Storm Trigger with Brown or Blue switches, there will be a slight difference in the LED light. Usually it is red though.
  • Key letters have been carefully cut with laser system. It means that there are no odd paint jobs or temporary key colors which wear off only after a month’s duration.
  • There’s a detachable wrist rest panel for added support to your palms and wrists.
  • Compared to other backlit mechanical keyboard brands, the CM Storm Trigger’s pricing is not only competitive but also falls within an affordable range.
  • CoolerMaster is good when it comes to RAM/ refunds/ defects in their accessories. However, don’t expect much from their live customer support or email support. They do get back to their clients, but it takes a little while for things to get started.
  • Additional USB ports for bay expansion options.
  • CM Storm’s cable is braided for added protection and durability factors.

On a general level, Cooler Master keyboards have been around for a long time. I remember the good old IBM keyboard days and Pentium 486 series computers. Look at the long line of improvements that have been made to these gadgets since back then. Today, keyboards have become a totally different thing. It is a norm; an industry where CM, Razer and many other companies struggle to provide the best products ever.

Available in Multiple Options | The Cherry MX Storm Trigger Color Choice is Yours

Various CHerry MX options for you to choose from - Storm Trigger Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Philosophy aside, I think that the CM Storm Trigger Mechanical Gaming keyboard fares well – at least for the price tag that it comes with. I bought the Cherry MX Brown edition. It features standard style keys; they all have a thick profile which adds to the overall weight of the keyboard. In some cases, the weight factor takes a toll on your wrists, i.e. if you are not using the wrist pad that they provide on each new order.

Bad Stuff about the CM Storm Trigger LED Mechanical Board?

  • Trigger Software Conflict with Motherboard BIOS:

Starting right off with the native keyboard Trigger software and its conflict with motherboard BIOS, I suggest that you disable your Fast Boot feature. By default, most of the UEFI interface motherboards come with Fast Boot feature.

Front side view of the USB ports and additional ports for expansion options on CM Storm Trigger

I have the Maximus Formula V and MSI’s Z77A GD Dragon Heatsink motherboard. MSI motherboard has a fast boot feature that can be enable or disabled via a software from their installation CD. You can disable it by typing down “msconfig” in your Windows 7 startup screen. Go to services and startup section and disable Fast Boot.

If the fast boot is enabled through BIOS, you just need to restart the system and go to the BIOS interface screen. With CM Storm Trigger Mechanical keyboard, the Quick Boot/ Fast Boot function normally does not work well. There is a 10 second delay time, which could be more, until your computer will boot up. The reason is the CM Trigger integrated processor in the keyboard. This tiny microchip takes up its own time for the computer to help it go through the keyboard’s initialization process.

A few months ago, Cooler Master, in regards to the CM Storm Cherry Trigger keyboard, said, “Since Trigger features a very powerful integrated processor, detailed firmware and a lot of memory, it requires more time than other Keyboards to initialize. On some PCs this can cause the boot process to slow down for a second, or result in Trigger not being recognized.”

CM Storm Complete Accessories Ad | I think, therefore I am

Prior to this press release/ public announcement, there were a lot of “unhappy” buyers who thought that CM Trigger is one of those “faulty” gaming keyboards. This could be one of the reasons behind a majority of negative reviews at online retailer websites. For now, I can say for sure that the bitching has ceased to some extent.

Other setbacks, as noticed by me, are:

  • NUM, Scroll Lock and Caps indicators are not visible at first. Either the LED opacity is too high or I don’t see these keys too well in daylight.
  • The CM Storm Trigger Mechanical Gaming Keyboard manual really sucks. The sum total of this manual is a bunch of papers with nothing, I repeat: nothing useful for newbie level users. For the “full version of the Trigger keyboard manual”, you are required to log on to the Cooler Master web page. There you will notice a bunch of videos which only cover the very basics of this great keyboard. That’s about it.

Interesting things to know about Cooler Master CM Trigger Keyboard:

The CM Storm Trigger keyboard comes with a spare adapter. It is basically an extra accessory for those gamers who like to plug more gadgets into the USB bay expansion slot on these types of keyboards. As a result, obviously the device is going to need more power. This is how the adapter will help you attain those power levels. 

Secondly, if you want to increase the red LED level on this keyboard, the adapter serves its purpose. People don’t find it interesting to use an adapter with a keyboard, but if you ever feel like it, you can plug the little puppy anywhere you want. I think it is the least used accessory in the CM Storm keyboard package.

Use it without the rest pad if your table provides enough space for your lower palms and wrists to lean on

Without the wrist rest pad, the Trigger keyboard can be a hassle to manage

Moving on, when I made mention of the CM Trigger software, I forgot to talk about the macro function. You need to install the CM Storm mechanical keyboard files through the setup disk. If your order did not come with a disk, you can download the installation bundle through the official website. After installation, you will be able to program all macro keys and function in any order you like.

Do note that if you have assigned a long list of macro functions within a set number of keys, you will not be able to perform any other command until the keyboard is done with the ongoing process. Shoot, Shoot, WSAD, Straf Left, etc. – if this is one of your macro command patters, the Storm Trigger keyboard will finish it first and then it will recognized extra key inputs.

The latest firmware version is 1.2. If you are using an earlier version, please download the new keyboard FW from the official Cooler Master website. I am using it to configure 5 macro keys on the Trigger. Additionally, you have the option of setting up 5 different profiles. Some of them favor intense gaming, while others are more of a crossover between work and gaming related purposes.

What’s up with the CM Storm Trigger Keyboard’s Auto HotKey?

The autohotkey is part of the free application in the CM Storm Trigger bundle suite. It works as advertised, as long as you know what you are doing. If you have macro and programming related knowledge, the autohotkey stuff can come in handy. For instance, this feature is great when:

  • You need 20 25 different keystroke actions per macro command.

More so, if you need to execute lots of actions, the best bet would be to:

  • Install the Cooler Master software to add more macros.
  • Afterwards, you will use the AutoHotKey function.
  • Now you need to create a separate macro key that would call the Autohotkey function.

If there is some kind of autohotkey and CM’s native macro key related conflict, i.e. the commands are not getting initialized, use this solution: (I got it from the Amazon CM Storm Trigger’s sales page)

  • Create a macro using autohotkey.
  • Create a macro using Cool Master’s software.
  • Call the autohotkey macro from it.
  • On MACRO STUDIO screen, select the “action” dropdown box and selecting Run.
  • Select the action box again and choose “single key” and type the first letter of the file name, and keep doing that until the file name is spelled-out. Then use single key of “enter.”

Among other interesting things related to this keyboard, you’ll see that it no longer has the Window Icon key. This key has been replaced by a Swirly Nautilus key that is the company’s official logo. I call them the Storm Keys and only the left key can be assigned. The right key is just going to perform the same function as the one with Windows Icon used to on old keyboards.


The CM Storm Trigger mechanical keyboard has been made for intermediate – advanced level gamers. Given that you know how its macro keys work and have a knack for hardcore gaming, this gadget is going to make your work and entertainment related tasks a walk in the park.

Word from CoolerMaster:

A weapon of choice for hardcore gamers and e-sport professionals, the Cooler Master CM Storm Trigger mechanical gaming keyboard with backlit illumination supplies everything you need to outperform your rivals and dominate the competition.