Not all grandmas happen to fall in love with the Brother XL2600i sewing machine; I’d say a specific population of grannies, including mine, liked it. There is a reason for that and I am gonna get to it right away. You see, Brother XL series sewing products are made for customers ranging from beginner to intermediate state.

Brother Sewing Machine Wallpaper

Given the price of the Brother XL2600i machine, I’d say it was made for intermediate level users. It does have a few perks, probably made to attract the advance level users, but that’s about it. What is there to fall in love with the XL2600i sewing machine?

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Good Stuff about the Brother XL2600i Advanced Sew:

  • $79.99 qualifies as an affordable price range for the general population. Ever since Brother released this particular model, the price has seen a gradual drop and an overall increase in positive customer reviews.
  • The bobbing, stitching and threading process is relatively good as compared to other sewing machines. Some people have complained about the bobbing issue on the XL2600i machine; I will get to it later in this review.
  • Good machine for those who want to learn sewing or thinking of joining sewing classes.
  • Brother provides its XL2600i machine customers with 25 pre-programmed stitch patterns. Although you wont be using all of them but they are good for keepsakes.
  • There is a bilingual user manual and an accessory storage unit. You can find it in the free arm of this sewing machine.
  • CAUTION: Do not bitch about this sewing machine’s main board shorting. Brother XL2600i manufacturers have emphasized that you use standard 110 Volt output with this machine. If the shoe plug is not compatible with the wall socket, use a good quality converter.

On the same note, when we talk about the bilingual machine manual, I will say that it is a bit difficult to understand. To be honest, who pays attention to the manual? Even if someone does, those instructions are very specific and do not make “sense” to newbie users. Talk about Q Codes, and errors and spool screw ups…

With the Right Dial Adjustment Thread Settings, the Machine can Do Wonders

When you are planning to gift this machine to a specific granny in the community, make sure that she understands the basics of it. The other day, I ran into a woman; 52 years old and the Brother XL2600i was her first sewing machine throughout this time. Without any prior experiences, she was still happy with her purchase.

Things that My Grandma Didn’t Like about the Brother XL2600i Advanced Sew:

  • In case you are wondering why the manual is a bit off the hook, keep reading. The index section and layouts are followed by words in English and immediate translation in Spanish. Instead of following the English version all the way in one chapter, the Spanish version is introduced as part of the multi language manual feature. Not cool.
  • Seasoned sewing machine users have complained about markings on the soleplate. They don’t run the entire length because the bobbin case and dog feeder get in the way. More so, the presser foot is a little far behind than where it should be generally.
  • Avoid using heavy thread spools because they will not be handled well. Brother XL2600i was designed for efficiency and speed. Therefore lighter and smaller spools will work better for you. To use bigger spools, you will need bigger spindles. Tape chopsticks on the spindles (as shown in the link) and this way, you can use any spool of your choice.
  • The optional presser feet may not be a spot on choice for you. The 7mm presser foot accessories will not work, if you are thinking of stepping this model up.

Known Issues and Solutions for Brother XL2600i Owners:

Okay, enough with the bitching and moaning please. I am going to attend to the most common issues for this sewing machine. For the rest, there is a complete list of issues at the Brother XL2600i  dedicated sales page. You can connect with the rest of the community over there to see what others are saying about this product.

Lower Thread Looping Solution for Brother XL2600i:

Some people are okay with the needle threader, while others think that lower thread looping is tainting the overall performance. Whenever you want to sew under the fabric, the stitches either get stuck or they are over looping.

Under Thread Removable Spool Brother XL2600i

What you want to do is see if the Brother XL2600i bobbin is setup properly. You can refer to the user manual to see how the bobbin is inserted. Make sure that your thread is going through “tension adjusting spring”, which can be located after pulling the plastic tongue slit.

If the thread does not go in that slit by itself, you can use your fingernail to pry it wide a little bit. Afterwards, hold the bobbin at its place to prevent it from moving, while you pull the thread to seat it into the “tension adjusting spring.” Run a few stitches to see if the lower thread is working. It is supposed to be working fine, but if it doesn’t, you can always repeat the process.

Preset Stitch Templates on Brother XL2600i Advanced Sew

Side Note on Brother XL2600i Bobbins: You don’t have to buy special category bobbins for the machine. Any class 15 bobbin will suffice. Borrow a few from someone else, or buy them online to see how things go.

Foot Pedal Issue – It Goes too Fast!

Like I said earlier, the Brother XL2600i was designed for efficiency and speedy performance. Therefore, the foot pedal is sensitive to pressure. You don’t have to press it all the way to get things in motion. Instead of practicing your foot pressure on the pedal, wear socks and try slipping your foot on the pedal in upward and downward motion. The sock makes it easier for pressure to adjust accordingly.

Tension Dial Issue with Brother XL2600i:

The tension dial has a picky nature. You’re gonna have to get used to adjusting the dial to get the best results. For a number of clothes, you can see which settings work best for you. Use a marker and mark that adjustment setting to avoid going through the process the second time.

Closing Thoughts:

The Brother XL2600i is perfect even for beginner sewers, with features that are easy to learn and use, a lightweight compact style and an instruction manual that helps take you through everything from basic setup to custom-sized buttonholes. This versatile sewing machine is perfect for so many home sewing projects such as altering and creating clothing, crafting, quilting, home decor and more.