Just to save a few bucks, it doesn’t look cool if you have to wait in long lines. And what if someone next in line farts? Is it worth all the hassle? Is it safe for the sanity of your lungs, ear drums and the stuff that you crave so much in your life? Of course not.

So here are a couple of Black Friday Deals that are still going hot and wild in the market these days. I spotted these deals after extensively crashing the couch and monitoring all the TV ads during last week or so. Here are those Back Friday offers alongside some thoughts of my own so that you could have an idea as to why they are worth it:

  • Proscan PLCD5092A 50 Inches HDTV:

Okay, there’s hardly a possibility if anyone’s going to remember the entire product name. Proscan PLCD50928A is kind of a tongue twister and kind of hard to remember. Here’s the trick for ya: When you are about to order this cheap LCD TV online, just enter Proscan LCD 50 Inch. The model number is 5092A, so you better jot that down somewhere inside your tablet, notepad or whatever gadget that you are using.

The big deal about Proscan 50 Inch HDTV is its price tag. $499 will definitely blow torch any other LCD in the neighborhood. It is a low end model, but hey, if you are living on your own, or have a small family, the PS3, the Xbox 360 and all the interesting gaming titles; they are going to look amazing.

Plus, there is a 60Hz refresh rate, which is pretty much the industry standard these days. Add three HDMI inputs and some strong user reviews to end up with a phenomenal LCD TV. Give or take, it is a bargain worth it. Check out Proscan PLCD5092A at Amazon because they have the best discount rates available right now.

  • HGST Touro Desk – 2TB USB 3.0 Drive

Another rare find, a 2TB external disk drive and that too at $99 is a great deal. I had to assume a one year warranty because I couldn’t find it on the internet. What I do know is that HGST Touro is a Hitachi company so you are in safe hands. Also, the fact that this drive has a USB version 3.0, it means that you are buying a future proof product.

Check out HGST Touro Desk 2TB USB 3.0 online and place your order today.


  • SanDisk Cruzer 32GB Flash Drive:

The prime example of saving “a few bucks” is perhaps the SanDisk Cruzer 32GB flash drive. It is available for $19.96, which is not a bad deal after all – especially when you are considering its gigantic 32GB capacity. I did find some other company flash drives but considering the element of saving money, this 32Gb product blows the competition out of the water.

Did I tell you that the SanDisk Cruzer 32GB comes with a retractable USB plug?

  • Vizio E60li-A3 60 Inch LED HDTV ($999):

Okay, here is another TV for you. This one is called: Vizio E60li-A3; it has a 60 inch screen and it falls under the LED category. We all know that LED is better than the LCD standard. However, LED also comes with a heavier price tag.

Now, $688 might seem like a long stretch to your wallet but see it this way: last month when the Vizio E60-li 60 Inch LED TV was released, it was debuted at $1105 – far pricier than the current price tag.

Coming to stats and stuff, this LED has 120 Hz refresh rate, some Wi-Fi apps and a keyboard equipped remote control. Some people may think that for a 60 inch LED TV, there has to be a lot more features in there. But trust me, for $688, Vizio is touting out the Black Friday deal of the year for TV sets. Go avail this spectacular offer while it is still hot.