Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi smart scale isn’t just a weighing machine – it’s a complete weight loss bible for you. Be honest with yourself for a change. You need to tone down those fats. You need to look good and you want to make an impression; everyone wants that these days. The problem is that body transformation look so damn difficult…

It is already December. You’re going to have a fantabulous Holiday season; tons of food, relatives, cocktails, partying and hangovers. Where’s that going to lead your body? Oh wait, all those activities are going to take a massive toll on your figure. And mind you, if you are already overweight, in excess of 30% body fat, you will just fail at losing those extra pounds.

Where Does the Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Scale Come In?

Okay, so where was I with the Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi smart scale debate? Yeah, the Holiday season. In January 2013, you will be making lots of resolutions. If weight loss is up there somewhere, you will be joining a gym most likely. What is going to happen next? I bet you a hundred bucks that you are going to give up after the first 4 weeks.

Call it a lack of motivation, loss of willpower or perhaps bad eating habits. But what ticks me off is that most of the guys don’t have a solid action plan; something to tell them right from wrong, how to monitor weight loss, proper scales and etc. If you don’t have the tools or a scale to track your goals, what good is going to come out of it? Nothing.

The Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Scale is not just a weigh machine. It is like a hand book for all kinds of people who want to stay in a lean, mean and strong shape. No matter what kind your body fitness goals are, this epitome of different scales is going to help you achieve those goals – spot on.

The company describes the Aria scale is an intelligent user friendly machine that helps people track weight, body mass index, fat percentage and tons of other things. What makes this scale different is its iDevice and smartphone compatibility. You can literally upload your performance to your Aria community center, or through your phone on social media platforms.

Good Stuff About Fitbit Scale?

When I bought the Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi smart scale, I actually owned a normal weighing machine at that time. It was digital, it used to track my weight alongside caloric performance and vice versa. What I needed was something better – a smarter solution to aid me in properly monitoring everything related to my body’s overall performance.

Upon purchasing Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi scale, I was intrigued to know that an actual account has to be created at the official FitBit website. It wasn’t difficult, as the process only took a few minutes. The fun part was when the dashboard lit up with personalized stats. There are up to 8 users, which this machine identifies as unique individuals.

For instance, how does a weight scale monitor know that you and your partner are two different people? The last time I checked with a product similar to Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi smart scale, I found out that the device had no way of differentiating whether it was I using it, or my cousin. Anyhow, let’s move on to the nitty gritty.

How to Setup Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Weight Machine?

Setting up that Aria scale is pretty simple. For starters, you need to have a wireless/ Wi-Fi internet connection. If you don’t have one, get it. Try the Ethernet cable and the setup will not work properly. Therefore it is mandatory to have a Wi-Fi connection. Create an account at They will ask you for unique user information, machine related info and etc.

Once you have the password to your Fitbit account you can quickly step on the Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Scale. This will turn it on. Once you have stepped off, the setup will prompt you for further instructions. Just make sure that the scale is placed close to your Wi-Fi router so that it catches the signals without any problems.

Scale Performance?

I will definitely give it a 5/5 rating because, one, you get your unique fat percentage. Secondly, you will always have your stats safe even if someone else in your house is using the Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Scale. For non-primary users, the machine only displays their weight. However for admins, or the main user, this device goes down to skin fold level to display accurate calculations.

The Rituals of Checking Weight on the Aria Scale:

Okay, here’s the thing. This machine has its way of knowing your body. It connects with your body through electric impulses. Now depending on your body type, you should be feeling very active at a specific time of the day. This is the exact and the same time that I would want you to step on the Aria scale each day!

At peak activity timings, your body is conducting electricity very quickly. The bio electrical analysis system in the Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi smart scale simply connects with your body to show results. Get it? Good conduction, good results. Also, you have to be well hydrated and rested before checking weight progress on the machine.

Fat Percentage Errors:

Even the best bathroom scales for weight monitoring have errors. It is probably a cardinal rule. Nah, just kidding. Actually the thing is that fat percentage calculation is very tricky at times. You have a body type which might be different than the next person’s. Depending on your body category, your fat will have its own “toughness” level.

Each consumer who ever had the pleasure of checking weight or fat percentage through different machines will tell you a different story. Some people will say that the results were off the chart, while others will pinpoint a slight inaccuracy. In actuality, there is always a 5% error margin with fat calculation.

So, if your Fitbit Aria Scale is not giving you “accurate” fat percentage, you can shrug it off as a general minor level error. There’s nothing wrong with the device. However, there are some tips to help you get the best fat percentage readings:

  • Set a time for each day when you will be measuring your weight and fat development/ recession progress on the Aria scale. You can also drink the same amount of water prior to getting a reading for accurate results. The best time is the first thing in the morning. You wake up, you step up on the scale and presto!
  • I would advise you to consult with your nutritionist to get a second reading. Match the results and see the difference in percentages – if any. Normally, I am not bothered by a 5% difference. If my Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi smart machine is telling me a different story, and the scale at my doctor is saying something else – I ignore both of them.

 Urgo’s Youtube FitBit Aria Review | Courtesy of Youtube

The Bad Stuff about Aria Weight Loss Scale?

Well, I can say that if it was priced at $99, it would have been perfect. However, Amazon is selling some open Aria box scales for $118. I guess it is not a bad bargain after all. If you want to buy a brand new Aria Wi-Fi scale, it will cost $125 or slightly less than that.

Both ways, you’re going to end up with a great product. Monitor your stats, keep your eyes on the horizon and you will be prancing around in your dream physique eventually.