Bank chargers have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Among competitors, such as Anker, EtekCity Wingman and such others, Bolkin has been busy introducing its portable chargers for tech savvy users on the move. What most people didn’t know was the fact that Bolkin is a replica of Belkin; the original company known for introducing tons of day-to-day usage electronic items in the market.

Bolkin S103 Bank charger for cell phones.

Today, I have the Bolkin S-103 16800mah High Capacity Portable Charger. It is an average quality product per say; I wouldn’t admit to its “high capacity” because the market is already lined up with several other portable chargers with charging capacity above 20,000 Mah.

However, the Bolkin S-103 16800mah makes up for its contradictory “high capacity” wording in the product title by introducing several features that serve as an addendum to what the company is claiming.  For instance, the warranty factor is a nice addition to the overall package. It may come in as a kicker And it comes with a warranty as well. The power bank is built in such a way that it is able to resist over discharging and shuts off automatically. It is also resistant towards overload, overcharge, short circuit and over voltage.

View of the Bolkin charger from back side

There are 2 x USB output ports available which are used for the charging of phones and tablets. It is able to recharge 2 tablets and two smart phones at the same time. The LCD screen tells u about the power left in the device. It also has a flash light, which can be quite handy at times.

I personally like the colour options available for this device; it comes in white, silver, light blue and hot pink. I found the outer shell of the device to be very durable, and tough. It’s made up of aluminum alloy and so far in my experience, is quite safe and sturdy. Over all, if I view the device from a positive perspective, I would rate it as something perfect for long travelling and in areas where electricity breakouts are common.

The packaging consists of an assortment of accessories and the actual charger in its dedicated pouch

It worked perfectly when I charged my smartphones and it can charge an I-phone up to 8 times, and android based phones up to 6 times. The thing which I found out to be most useful in it, is that it turns off when an over load of electricity is there or short circuit. And also when the battery of your device is fully charged, Bolkin gets turned off automatically, hence protecting your device.

However, there are a few shortcomings to this device as well. The package containing the device only consists of a cloth bag and not a cardboard holder for device. There are no elaborated instructions given on the box, and more or less one has to figure out how to use the device on their own, as the company has no official website of their own. I am guessing that the company tried to somehow manipulate and use the name of a Chinese company Belkin.

Secondly it has no port for I-phone 5 , therefore unless you have a power cable for apple products with multiple cords, you cannot charge it. These tid bits only give it a more “non-professional” look, and I suggest if the company is to make this product big, they cover these loop holes.

I ordered the one in Silver color. The company sent it is pink.

Size of the device also matters, it is 148mm*22mm*71mm, and can require a good amount of space. Another thing is that it takes a good time to get completely charged itself due to its high capacity.

Final verdict about Bolkin bank charger: To buy or not to buy?

Most certainly when you are comparing the brand name Bolkin to Belkin, you’re obviously going to want to go for the original manufacturer. The Chinese, of course, made a nice product, but in the long run, it is still a replica rip off.

For budget conscious users, this Bolkin cell phone charger is a great accessory. Keeping the brand name and the entire “originality” thing in perspective, other users may want to give up and move for better and more “genuinely” enticing offers such as Anker etc.