Cooler Master has been releasing exceptional quality products for a very long time. I love their power supply units; I like their CPU chassis and computer accessories altogether. Compared to other companies, CM guys have their shortcomings because all their releases are not 100% success. But from a scale of 1 – 10, I’d say CM is pretty much an average gamer’s preference these days.


Right now I am 4 months into using the CM GX 750W Bronze PSU. I don’t have a Chroma 8,000 to properly test this power supply from a statistical perspective. If it is numbers you are looking for, you are better off at other websites. If it is a genuine account of my experience and feedback based on 4 months of constant use, this CM GX 750W review will help you out.

At the moment, my system rig is as followed:

  • Motherboard: Asus Maximus V Formula
  • CPU: Intel iCore5 3570K 3.40 GHz
  • RAM: Kingston 6GB 1,333 MHz
  • Video Adapter(s): EVGA Nvidia GTX 760 SC + Normal Edition 2 Way SLI
  • PSU: Cooler Master’s CM GX 750W 80 Plus Bronze of course
  • No. of HDDs: 4 X 2.5 TB Total
  • Chassis: CM Storm

The CM 750W 80 Plus Instructions Manual


I need to upgrade my RAM soon to Corsair Vengeance 1866MHz; thinking of buying the 8GB X 2 modules or a 12Gb upgrade in total. Anyhow, I bought the CM PSU Bronze unit from a local retailer since the online shipping option was getting a little costly. Due to the weight of the power supply unit, the shipping mode was turning out to be a bit expensive than usual.


Installation: The installation process was very easy. I simply installed the CM GX 750W at the base of my CM Storm casing. You do need a bigger casing because you can see how much room this PSU takes at the bottom of the chassis. I upgraded to SLI system 5 – 7 days ago, and thought of installing my second GPU in the slot nearest to the PSU to get more space between the cards.


Extra Screws and Power Plug Protection Cover is Included in Box Packaging


However, this CM power supply wouldn’t let the card through because it was taking up a lot of space. Trouble is that CM Storm itself is a mid stream chassis. The way I am installing parts in there; I know I’m gonna have to replace the case soon. Otherwise I might run into temperature and space issues soon.

Good Stuff about the CM GX 750W Bronze Power Supply Unit:

  • Cooler Master made the GX 750W Bronze PSU to meet over 80+ system requirements. They have also written about it on the box packaging.
  • The overall reliability / life duration of this PSU is an estimated 1000,000 Hours.
  • Silent performance. The credit goes to the double layered EMI filter’s default installation.
  • CM provides 5 year warranty on this unit.
  • 2 Way SLI ready. There are two separate power cables for your SLI rig. I had no trouble regarding potential power loss or other issues as soon as I installed an extra GPU.

Issues: Now the question of addressing issues from mainstream gamers comes into perspective. A small number of people have complained about the “noise” issues with this power supply. Secondly, whether or not this CM GX 750W suitable for high end gamers is also an important query, which needs to be answered.

As far as the loud noise or sound issues are concerned, it is not the electric hum of the power supply. As soon as this Cooler Master PSU goes under stress, the fan starts pushing air around. This sound is sometimes confused with the electric humming noise which is not the case here. At least I did not hear any buzzing or whatsoever for the last 4 months.


On the subject of high end gaming versus CM GX 750W unit, I will not recommend it. The answer depends on how “high end” of a gamer you are. Whether you have installed tons of fans, more than 4 hard drives, 3 way SLI (and looking to expand the power distribution on this Unit through other means); such factors are to be taken into account.

With the system rigs that I mentioned earlier, this PSU will not churn out any trouble. Even the cord length was more than CM’s previous 550W model that I was using. Again, if you are considering using Xigmatek or Thermaltake chassis and the ultimate rig, obviously you’re gonna need the 1200 Watt PSU. 750W won’t cut it.

Cooler Master Customer Service: Considering that you already bought this power supply and the overall distribution is not enough to meet your system requirements, you can send it for an RMA. Cooler Master’s customer service is 8/10. They do make their customers wait a little whenever they call, but eventually someone is always on the other side of the line to resolve the issue.

The fact that you know they are going to honor the warranty is guarantee enough of CM’s high end performance.  I plan on using the CM GX 750W for over a year until I switch to another system. So far, this sick puppy has not given me any trouble.

I also considered other factors when reviewing this PSU. The system is mostly ON during the day – therefore, the unit is under consistent and demanding use. Secondly, as soon as I start Battlefield 4 or my highly modded Elder Scrolls Skryim with ENB Kinematic Living Lights presets, the GPUs’ power consumption rate goes higher.

Needless to say, the CM GX 750W Bronze PSU works 100% as advertised. It is made for mid to upper mid level gamers. If you are a mainstream gaming freak, go for an expensive PSU. Feel free to write to me at techguy@infinarium.com in case you are reluctant about your purchase, or need help seeking the right kind of power supply.

Word from Cooler Master:

The Cooler Master GX Series power supplies stand for Gamer Xtreme, the evolved version of Extreme Power Plus. With up to 60 amps on a single rail, there is enough power to start up a truck, imagine what it can do for your system. With so much power at your disposal, Cooler Master ensures the most stringent safety standards are met. The extended 5 year warranty is included to give you further piece of mind.