Okay, it is time for another wireless Bluetooth headset review (as if yesterday’s wasn’t enough, already?). To be honest, this LG Electronics tone hbs-730 bluetooth headset review is a favor to one of my very close friends, who, if I may add, will be reading this article tomorrow.

Marty, you owe me a beer; you know that, don’t ya? So long story short, Marty, AKA, Martin, one of my friends from high school asked me to check out lg hbs-730 bluetooth headset. I told him that I’ll get back to him through this review. He agreed and now I have to finish this tedious task and not get paid for doing it.

Actually, now that I realize, I don’t get paid for writing anything here. Blogging is just one of my passions on the internet, other than watching softcore stuff sometimes. Anyhow, cough cough, lets get back to the brass tacks, shall we?

LG Electronics Tone HBS-730 bluetooth headset Review for Marty The Intergalactic President Mc Awesome:

Unlike one of my general, preformatted approaches, I decided to break down this LG Bluetooth wireless headset review in a more personalized fashion. Better yet, I analyzed each and every aspect of the Tone HBS 730 Series Bluetooth aspect and decided to detail it down, one by one:

Lg headset Image - Guy Showcasing It and Smiling StupidlyWhy the HB 730? Marty’s the kind of guy who works at a lab. I don’t whether he makes bombs or tests rat poison there, but I’m guessing that lab guys would never want to use a, let’s say: LG Bluetooth Wired Headset, because of the wirey mess. With a lot of wires dangling down, there’s always the risk of accidentally causing the secret ingredient test tube to tip over.

So for the sake of avoiding another Hulk accident, you are better off with something sweet, crisp and high performance. Now aside from the primary purpose of the Bluetooth headset, which is to receive calls, a good quality product serves other purposes as well.

For instance, I chose this LG Electronics tone hbs-730 bluetooth headset because of its snuggly comfortable fitting, music quality, reception and vice versa. Even when I tried jogging, I never experienced the slightest indication of this headset falling apart loose. It is perfect for gym goers, corporate fat cat hos and whatnot.

The Ordering Process:

I’d recommend that you order the LG Electronics tone hbs-730 bluetooth headset straight from Amazon. Does this make me Amazon’s biatch? No, the only reason I am recommending Amazon is because there is only ONE refurbished Tone HBS-730 wireless headset and 15 new available there. This means that newest versions of this product are available in abundance.

Besides, refurbished stuff sometimes sucks. Even though it is cheap, one can never take the risk of buying refurbished electronics. Anyhow, here’s the screenshot if you don’t trust me.

LG Bluetooth Wireless Headset at Amazon

Ordering from Amazon will get you the LG Electronics tone hbs-730 headset in 3 to 4 days. If you ordered on a Wednesday, you will be getting it on Monday the next week. You don’t have to panic over late deliveries because Amazon mostly sends stuff on time.

Did I Like The LG HBS-730 Bluetooth Headset?

As far as the item itself is concerned, it was in pristine condition. Amazon packed it well enough. Marty will be buying it from me for $65 because I am choosing to make a small amount of dough while I am at it. The LG box will have a sleep size. There is a setup/ directions LG Electronics tone hbs-730 bluetooth headset manual inside, you can read it.

However, thanks to the auto pairing functionality of this headset, it isn’t necessary to leaf through the entire manual page by page. Once this baby pairs up, it stays paired with your smartphone. Hit the scan button on your phone, after turning on Bluetooth detection. The rest will be taken care of in a few seconds.

Call Quality: Compared to Kinivo and many other brands, the call quality on this headset is same. I mean if I were to compare this headset with other products within the same price range, then, yes, the call quality is unprecedented, smooth and downright amazing. I made a few test calls to people in Philadelphia and they sounded crystal clear.

Battery Life of LG Tone HBS-730: On full charge, the battery is going to last for 4 to 5 hours. If you are not going to be listening to music constantly, the battery life will not be affected that much. The thing is that while I was testing this Bluetooth headset, it never died on me. The battery kept pushing it and I never had to charge the device.

Exercise and Workouts? For cycling, light paced jogging and weight lifting exercises, you can use this headset without thinking twice. But, at the same time, if you are a fast runner or do extremely fast paced exercises, such as quick aerobic movements, then don’t bother wearing this headset.

It will start flopping up and down until it falls off. Dropping the device will probably damage it. We all know that physical damage is hardly covered in the guarantee agreement that comes along with electronics these days. Hence, for your wallet’s safety, don’t be careless with LG Electronics tone hbs-730 bluetooth headset.

Does This Mean that This LG Electronics tone hbs-730 Bluetooth Headset is Perfect?

Nope, there are some cons. If you are expecting to use this particular headset for Google’s speech to text functionality, it will not work. Seeing that LG or Google is not going to be releasing a special compatibility update, there’s no point in relying on this headset for the sake of Speech to Text programs from Google.

At the same time, the Text to Speech programs work fine. The text is immediately recognized and processed in a computer voice of your liking. To use the Text to Speech function, your’e gonna have to turn on the relevant application. It will not turn on automatically.

Last but not the least, the muting thing doesn’t work as expected. It is not a problem because you can lower down the volume all the way to ‘0’. But thinking that keeping the volume down button pressed, or tapping it to “Minus” symbol is not actually going to put the device on mute. It will just decrease the volume to total silence.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts?

Overall, I liked using LG Electronics tone hbs-730 bluetooth headset for a day or two. I will be selling it of course to my friend. The time I spent with this device was flawless. If I were to recommend this LG wireless Bluetooth headset to someone else, will I do that? Yes, I will be recommending it again because it is not only a cheap product, but also long lasting and definitely worth buying.

Word from LG:

Witness the enhanced audio and bass response of the next evolutionary step in the LG TONE family. Tone+ Wireless Stereo Headset delivers a high quality audio experience in stereo sound with the convenience of Bluetooth technology. Music and phone conversations sound better with enhanced audio and bass response that compliments a wide range of music genres.