Amazon Official Image of DiNovo Logitech Keyboard

Spick and span, the Logitech diNovo Edge keyboard was released a few years ago. It has a heft that’s quite satisfying; an appearance that would swoon your heart like an ode to Odysseus, and definitely the kind of price that anyone could easily afford. I bring to you a miasma of awesomeness, a great keyboard for the classy fellows who know quality when they see it!

The Good Stuff about Logitech diNovo Edge Keyboard:

  • The diNovo Edge is the first wireless keyboard of its kind. It has visually aesthetic looks, crisp key response and oh boy! It comes in black color! What more could you ask for?
  • Excellent ergonomics and key placement make it a better choice for speedy users.
  • Price is definitely worth the overall features delivered with Logitech diNovo Edge.
  • Long lasting battery life.
  • Backlit key functionality, hidden touch sensitive programmable keys and much more to be explored in Logitech diNovo Edge keyboard.

The Bad Stuff about Logitech diNovo Edge Keyboard Series?

Yeah, this is where it gets kind of creepy. Logitech has probably been trying to get rid of their old DiNovo Edge keyboards, which is why they don’t respond too well to customer support. I had this guy who accidentally spilled coffee on his freshly ordered diNovo. Even though he got through with the customer care for a replacement, the new keyboard was worse than the last one.

However, customer care cannot be primarily alluded to the drawbacks of a product. Here you are judging a keyboard on the basis of some areas that are lacking. I only found one drawback in this amazing Logitech keyboard:

  • The Logitech diNovo Edge does not have protection! Say, again? What I mean is that the keyboard’s surface is extremely smooth and sensitive. If you have long finger nails, or if you naturally handle things roughly, this keyboard will get scratches.

The fact that its surface is polished sleek black, you will see every single scratch, bro. Be careful when handling this thing. It looks beautiful as a diamond when it’s smooth; it looks ugly like a baby’s face that only a mother could love! They Say a Keyboard is Nothing without Well Placed Keys

Logitech diNovo Edge Review for First Timers:

Okay, who would want to buy a keyboard close to $120 price range? I am guessing that hardcore gamers will love to buy this keyboard. In case you are not a gamer, then maybe you are a writer who takes comfort in working with a long lasting keyboard.

Throughout my writing ventures, I have had the pleasure of using three different keyboards. All of them were crap! The one that I am writing this article with, it is this exact Logitech diNovo Edge that I am reviewing right now! I am enjoying the view this keyboard is offering.

As I type down this review furiously at exactly 5:33 AM, I can’t hear the key strokes. It is that much silent! Plus it is very thin and doesn’t have a huge width, which makes it easier for me to pack the device in my laptop bag. By the way, my laptop is totally another story; someday I will talk about it over a nice cup of Irish Latte.

Installing the Logitech diNovo Edge?

The hands on installation experience was pretty good. This keyboard is so friggin easy to set up. You start with connecting the Logitech Bluetooth receiver that comes in the box. Then you plug the recharging station and turn on the keyboard’s power button. Just flip it, and it will turn on.

Instantly, Windows OS detects the new hardware and runs the preliminary set up. That’s all there is to it. By the way, I am using Windows 7 and every time I want to install new hardware, I just let the setup run through the internet. Windows automatically downloaded and installed the Logitech diNovo Edge latest drivers on its own.

I don’t think that the diNovo Edge software CD is needed to carry on with the installation process. If you are an insecure little girl and don’t trust auto setups that run through the internet, that’s a different story then.

Logitech diNovo Edge | Box Contents:

Box contents only apply to the newly bought units of this keyboard. If you bought a refurbished keyboard, don’t expect all the accessories to be in the box. Or better yet, don’t expect a box at all! I’d advise you to buy the diNovo Edge keyboard from Amazon directly.

Here are the box contents:

–          Logitech diNovo Edge Keyboard X 1 Unit

–          Official diNovo Edge Keyboard Charging Dock/ Charging Base X 1 Unit

–          AC Power Chord

–          Logitech Installation CD ROM (Includes: Logitech SetPoint v3.10, Logitech diNovo Edge Comfort Guidelines and the Help Center)

–          USB Mini Receiver X 1 Unit

–          User Manual (No One Bothers to Read That Anymore!)

–          3 year Limited Warranty by Logitech

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The Novel Features of Logitech diNovo Edge Keyboard that I Liked and Hated Most?

The diNovo Edge was introduced with a splendid splash of 84 QWERTY style keys. There is a usual assortment of hot keys that follows the age old tradition. But other than that, there are places in this keyboard where you will find new functions.

For example, take the clean image that Logitech diNovo Edge maintaining through the media and application controls. Their corresponding keys are well hidden, and don’t show up until you press the ‘Fn’ button combination. Pressing “Fn” will cause the relevant keys to turn on with an Orange backlit tone. This is perhaps the coolest function in this keyboard.

Moving on, we have a trackpad on the keyboard. It is more of a small affair, as compared to the actual track pads on laptops or touch based devices. I wouldn’t recommend using the diNovo trackpad because clearly, it wasn’t Logitech’s forte to begin with. Stick with your mouse for the time being.

The good thing about this trackpad is that it is positioned away from the commonly pressed keys. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about accidentally hitting the unwanted keys in the middle of your assignments. For a change, key strokes, as compared to the usual keyboards out there, the keystrokes on diNovo Edge retort with a very nice tactical feeling. In the end, at least I am sold on the Logitech diNovo Edge Keyboard – I give my top marks to it in all fairness.