At the time of writing this Razer Abyssus gaming mouse review, I am not using it. I have moved back to using my Razer Imperator because of two main reasons:

This is my Razer Imperator – I’m using it these days for work related purpose


  • I am not into PC gaming these days. I have ordered a new Asus GTX 770 GPU, so until then; I am just passing time testing things at a small scale with these mice.
  • Razer Imperator is expensive as compared to the Abyssus. Even though both mice are exceptionally good, I tend to stick with the Imperator because of the superior pricing factor. Somewhere in the back of my head, I still have a slight inclination that expensive is always good; it is a matter of opinion, and should not be taken seriously by you.

Coming back to the Abyssus mouse; if I have to sum it up, I’d say that it has great ergonomics; it has a long lasting performance, and works as advertised. The mouse was basically made for entry level gamers who don’t extensively use macros, mice click combinations to perform a certain in game action, and just lull around with playing real time strategy games without too much complexity.

For instance, the Razer Abyssus is suitable for Star Craft, World of Warcraft and Guild Wars game series. All your FPS titles will run fine; the mouse will perform beyond your expectations in Metro, Crysis and several other modern day titles.

Front view of the Abyssus box packaging

However, if there is one thing I have learned, the mouse pad with the Abyssus really boosts the overall device performance. I will talk about the suitable budget friendly gaming mouse pad for Abyssus later in this review.

Good stuff about Razer Abyssus gaming mouse:

  • Cheap price, and that too without compromising basic performance levels. For $31.99, you get to have an entry level gaming mouse. It was not made for macro key lovers, or hardcore gamers; just a simple mouse that works as advertised by the company.
  • User friendly shape allows a steady grip. Even though if you have small hands, the mouse’s dome like shape will help you get a firm hold on it, while you are in the middle of shooting hordes of enemies.
  • Infrared sensor allows precise 3.5G output levels.
  • 3 primary buttons, and all of them tuned for responsive feedback.
  • You can also perform hardware toggles between DPI settings. For instance, you can set the Abyssus at 1800 DPI (instead of maxing it out at 3600 DPI), which is relatively fast and movement friendly. There is a small panel at the bottom panel of the mouse when you turn it over, it shows everything in detail.
  • Extremely lightweight profile.

Abyssus shape, build quality and first impressions:

When it comes to gaming mice, I like to take the weight factor into account. Personally, I love a mouse that’s slightly bigger (not too big), and has some weight to it. You have to be very careful when it comes to weight based selection with mice these days. If it is too heavy, the in-game mouse pointer movement will not be fluid; you will have trouble with maneuvering your character around.

There are flip switches underneath the mouse to help you set DPI settings

Flip this mouse over for DPI settings adjustment

Movement factor: If the mouse is too light, the movements will be fast. Now, here is a bit of a cliché with Razer Abyssus; the mouse has a lightweight profile. It is super lightweight, or you can say that it is crazy lightweight. Does this factor affect the mouse performance because the DPI maxes out at 3600? No, it does not. Razer has introduced hardware DPI toggles, which is why you can set the DPI to 1800 to suit the mouse’s pointer movements.

Side view of the Abyssus gaming mouse

And when you top it off with a suitable gaming mouse pad, such as the Razer Vespula dual sided mouse pad, the speed factor will kick in alongside smoother mouse pointer motion. Still, if you are unsure of which mouse to purchase, instead of going to Amazon or any other website, you can directly go to Razer’s official website.

They have a dedicated section with a general mouse & keyboard ergonomic guide. Through this guide, you can decide on which mouse suits you the best. An alternative approach is to go to any online retailer, such as Amazon or eBay and start with customer reviews. Usually they fill you in on all kinds of nasty details about any product’s flaws etc. Therefore, Razer Abyssus will not be an exception in your case.

Razer Abyssus’ movements vs. Logitech G500, G700, Mx500: Overall, with respect to movement, I’d rate the Abyssus a little higher than Logitech mice (within same price range) because of its performance in RTS games. World of Warcraft, Star craft and such other titles made my fingertip clicks and movements come out naturally on Razer’s mouse.

In this context, Logitech’s MX500 and G500 made my fingertip grip and movement a little uncomfortable. Likewise, Razer also included a movement sensor mechanism in the Abyssus which tilts off or gets limited whenever the mouse is not on the right angle. I’d recommend reducing the acceleration so that you have no problems during gaming or anything else.

The top back side of Imperator and Abyssus look almost the same


There have also been some customers who said that the Abyssus only works with a select number of mouse pads. I think that such probabilities are there, but their percentage is minimum. You have already seen that I don’t use a mouse pad. The Imperator sits on my laminated desk. I do have a few mouse pads, but I plan on selling them soon, so even the Razer Vespula has gone back to its packaging.

No drivers needed for Abyssus: You don’t need to install this mouse through extra drivers. The so-called “locked features” are not there. For me, installation was easy. I connected the mouse and flip it to 1,000Hz with 1800 DPI – that was it. Furthermore, no lags or driver conflict issues were experienced.

  • Some recommendations that would have made Razer Abyssus better:

If Razer is to release a second edition of the Abyssys gaming mouse, I do have a few suggestions. First of all, the mouse cord is very typical; it should have been installed at an angle where it comes out. The cable catches up with the mouse pad due to the reduced distance of the mouse from the top of the surface where you’d be placing it on.

Also, the buttons carry grime as days go by. This is a common case with most peripherals these days, but I’d rather buy a mouse with rubberized dust free buttons over Abyssus any time. By the way, the official drivers for this mouse are available for download at Razer website. This is just an option for those who want the drivers to help them switch between left hand – right hand controls easily.

In the end, the buttons are mechanical and they are a bit weird to click. I mean for some users, they have to get used to putting in some pressure to get the button all the way through the “click” sound. I don’t count this as a problem or even a minor issue – this is just a suggestion for Razer to keep in mind upon their next release.

Word from Razer:

The Razer Abyssus™ was created for gamers looking for quality, reliability, and performance in a no-nonsense, straightforward gaming-grade mouse. Designed to focus on the fundamentals of competitive gaming, the Razer Abyssus is armed with ultra-responsive buttons tuned for maximum tactile feedback.