Yesterday, I downloaded Battlefield 4 3DM cracked version (yeah, sue me) from one of them torrent websites – and today I stumbled upon the Razer Battlefield 4 Edition Gaming Keyboard at a local retailer. They had a couple of them ordered straight from Amazon. I had to buy this thing, not for the fact that it was a purely awesome keyboard, but because I am more of an avid collector and wanted to add to the theme/ spirit of hardcore Battlefield 4 gaming experience.

Now, on the subject of downloading the cracked Battlefield 4 game, I’d like to clear the air here. I am not a pirate but sometimes I can be one when the game is highly anticipated on my list, and I can’t wait to buy it. That being said, I am definitely going to buy BF4 for the online multiplayer experience. Also, I would be acting like a dick if I didn’t contribute to the developers for their undying effort. They deserve a medal for bringing a unique gaming experience to the entire global community out here on the internet.[spacer height=”20px”]

Front view of the Razer Battlefield Keyboard

Why buy the Razer Battlefield 4 Edition BlackWidow Gaming Keyboard?[spacer height=”20px”]

Between the CM Storm Mechanical Keyboard and Razer BF4 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, a tough call is already going on. Initially, I wanted the CM Storm because of the mechanical aspect and some shred of decency to it. However, upon testing their keyboard, I discovered some genuine flaws. I also didn’t go for it because of personal dislikes, which is not a cool thing for an unbiased reviewer.

In the end, I bought Razer’s BlackWidow Battlefield 4 keyboard because I wanted something with the following requirements. Hear me out, they are pretty common for all the gamers out there:[spacer height=”20px”]

  • The keyboard should be wired. Although I like wireless feature, but my computer table is not made for wireless devices. Due to metallic build, the table had its days of interference with wireless gadgets that I bought recently.[spacer height=”20px”]
  • Fortunately, the Razer Battlefield 4 keyboard is not too slim and lightweight. I like the bulky factor; it kind of gives an authoritative feeling to the gadget. Remember the $80 Logitech back lit keyboards? That’s what I was going for.[spacer height=”20px”]
  • Mechanical keys feature for allowing me to type down straight up, an ergonomic shape and room between the keys to allow my flying fingers to move freely. Due to mechanical aspect, this Razer board lets me get a full swing at those keys without worrying about typos etc.[spacer height=”20px”]

That being said, after using this keyboard, I did not have to use its back end kick stands. I normally use these kick stands for slim keyboards. But seeing that Razer already introduced a slight bulk and wobble factor to the battlefield 4 BlackWidow, the need for enabling back side stands was not felt necessary anymore.

If this is your first time buying a mechanical keyboard, please don’t make the mistake of buying on impulse. Part of the reason that I bought the CM Storm mechanical keyboard was because of all the positive reviews. It got me hyped up simply by looking at the way those reviewers were suggesting how CM toned down the device for gamers.

The Complete Razer Collector’s Item Collection for Battlefield 4 Fans (Laptop Bag, Mousepad, Headset, Mouse, Keyboard, iPhone Cover)

This is the Complete Collector's Item Razer Battlefield 4 Accessories Collection

I used it for a few hours and figured out that it was not for me. For instance, the keyboard has more height than average devices. CM’s Cherry MX also lacks work at the tenkey area. Plus the height factor had my wrists arched up and I started feeling pain later on. What I learned about mechanical keyboards is that all of them are not good.

The “mechanical” feature is mostly used by some rundown retailers to attract unsuspecting buyers. I also bought a Leopold Mechanical keyboard for gaming, from a retailer who was asshole enough not to offer any rebates, refunds and exchanges. The face value of such keyboards is somewhere around $100+, with shiny photos, i.e. if you are buying online and not seeing the thing in person.

Side view of this keyboard reveals an addtional USB port and Jacks for media devices

Eventually I stumbled upon the Razer Battlefield 4 Edition keyboard. It is also known as the Ultimate Tournament edition BlackWidow keyboard, which is perhaps a hidden name amongst its slew of features. It is an understandable fact that expensive gaming devices are popular in market these days. But if you have not researched the device and not matched it against your requirement, even in this keyboard’s case, you will end up complaining.

For $129, Razer’s BF4 BlackWidow is well worth its price. It’s dark, but yet, highly attractive design will get you hooked up instantly. At least that’s the tip of the iceberg. Here’s an in depth review of this keyboard.[spacer height=”20px”]

Razer Battlefield 4 Edition Gaming Keyboard Review for Gamers and Office Goers:[spacer height=”20px”]

Generally Razer keyboards have lots of lights, back lit designs and specific gamer profile layout. If you are looking for such features, this keyboard also offers them. However, there is a sober element to it. For instance, I did not find Macros, there is one light behind the company’s official logo, and mostly it is the dark black finishing all over the device. Therefore you will not get that “fancy” element with the Razer Battlefield 4 Edition keyboard but the dark color lets you see those backlit keys easily.[spacer height=”20px”]

You can easily see the Battlefield Logo on the top left side

Here are some of the plus points of buying this device:[spacer height=”20px”]

  • Sits perfectly flat on the surface, which means that the keyboard has no wobble issues.[spacer height=”20px”]
  • Razer optimized the Battlefield 4 keyboard’s keys at the actuation force of 50g. As a result you can type down anything faster and relatively without any probabilities of hitting the wrong keys.[spacer height=”20px”]
  • You can record macros for over 10 profiles. However, the macro function lacks flexibility and ingenuity for many gamers such as me.[spacer height=”20px”]
  • Each brand new order of this keyboard comes with a collectible Snake Dog Tag from the creators of Battlefield 4.[spacer height=”20px”]

Upon unboxing this keyboard, I couldn’t help but appreciate the packaging. Razer packed this tenkeyless device in a special Velcro pouch to add to dust resistance factor, safety of the device itself and portability if you are thinking of taking the keyboard with you during vacations. You can also use the cloth pouch as a dust cover if you are not used to cleaning your room that much.[spacer height=”20px”]

Bad Stuff about the Razer Battlefield 4 Edition BlackWidow Keyboard:[spacer height=”20px”]

The only issue I had was similar to what the general population of buyers is facing. Razer requires for you to sign up at their website as a registered user if you want to unlock the “full” features of this keyboard. Also, you will have to install the keyboard through the setup files that come with the packaging. I found out that by just relying on the automatic Windows OS installer, the keyboard worked like a normal keyboard. It’s “gamer” aspect had to be unlocked through the methods mentioned earlier.

The Collectors Edition BF 4 Mouse Razer

Some people have complained about the durability factor of Razer’s BlackWidow keyboard family. These reviewers are normally small in percentage and they can be spotted at Amazon sales pages for Razer products mostly. To counter their arguments, I can relate a personal experience.

Over a year ago, my brother spilled a cup of blazing hot coffee on an earlier version of Razer keyboard that I was using. The device set off to making weird noises, but I had it immediately disconnected. I was worried that I’d have to buy a new keyboard because sugar, milk and coffee are not the perfect things you’d want to spill on these devices.

One option was to pull out all the keys (yes you can pull them out with a small flat head screw driver if you haven’t done it before) and dry them one by one. However, in this case, I did not do it. I dried the keys with a hair dryer and then left the keyboard unattended, facing upside down, for 32 hours. I reconnected it and it worked like a charm.

Later on, I did remove the keys and clean the device, but Razer’s BlackWidow family colored my impressed that day. All in all, when it comes to particular keyboard, you will not regret investing your $129. Not only will this keyboard add to the spirit of Battlefield 4 collector items, but it also works 100% as advertised.[spacer height=”20px”]

Word from Razer:

The Razer BlackWidow’s mechanical key technology provides a distinctive tactile feedback in form of a light pronounced tap to your fingers giving you an entirely new feel on your keyboard.