At the time of writing this Lasko 755320 heater review, I am using a couple of other brands as well. For instance, the Rinnai heater is in the TV lounge, the Paloma heater is in my home office and another Rinnai is in the main bedroom. There are other gas heaters too, which kind of sets them under the same category i.e. gas.

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My Rinnai and Paloma Heaters | Infinarium Images

This is my Rinnai heater set up in the main TV lounge
This is my Rinnai heater set up in the main TV lounge

A month ago, I decided to switch to an electric heater. I bought the Lasko 755320 model because of the fact that they were offering great pricing, and the vendor assured two things:

Another still of my Rinnai heater
Another still of my Rinnai heater
  • Long life factor
  • Minimum overhead on the electricity bill

Another reason that I wanted to use an electric heater was the way those gas heaters were emitting a noxious smell. The fumes and overall dryness in the air was taking a toll on my lungs and head. I had to leave the doors open whenever those gas heaters were turned on. However in doing so, I also had to sacrifice the heat factor. It was more like a “merry go round” theory; leave the door ajar and keep the heater turned on.


Lasko 755320 heater, however, changed my views about these things in general. This year, they were being offered at a slightly lower price. I don’t know why people are still not into buying electric heaters, but I decided to give it a shot. Some of the fears that I had before preferring Lasko over other brands, were:

  • Lasko 755320 has a remote controlled system. What if the RC stops working and I’d have to spend additional dollars on having the remote repaired. I also don’t know a lot of experts who can repair a heater’s remote.
  • What if the heater breaks down or its efficiency gets affected after using it for a few months?
  • The months leading up to February are when it gets really cold at my place. I was concerned about Lasko heater’s thermostat, as to whether it will be able to meet the “challenge” or not.
  • Above all, if this heater going to release any fumes or smell of burning paint after an hour or two?

Seeing to all the above requirements, I finally settled down for Lasko. Yes, the price factor had some part to play in it because the vendor said that the heater would work fine. The ones that I am using right now are all beyond the $45 range, and Lasko being the cheaper product did set off a few bells in my head. “What if it is cheap and does not stand up to my expectations?”

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Good stuff about the 755320 Lasko Heater:

  • It has a very lightweight profile, and can be moved around easily within the house/ office.
  • Since it is not a gas operated heater, you don’t have to worry about pipe length anymore. You can plug it anywhere as long as the current output is compliant with the heater.
  • The remote control is very convenient.
  • Digital controls on the unit also make it easier to operate – i.e. if your heater remote control is not working for some reason.

Take a look at some of the possibly irritating things about this product

Bad Stuff about this Heater?

  • Remote Control could have been more efficient:

That being said, I did have a couple of gripes with Lasko 755320. For instance, the remote control does not have a display screen to let you know your current heater temperature settings. To see your settings or to confirm them, you have to go all the way to the heater to look at its top section digital display panel.

Lasko could have added a small screen on the heater’s remote control, but it would have increased the price as well. Therefore, I am okay with this small “issue.” I’d also like to continue my discussion on the subject of remote control. During off season; let’s say it is Summer and you don’t want to use the heater anymore, be careful where you store the remote. This time around during next years when your bones are chilling, you’ll probably not remember the exact drawer.

  • The unwanted thermostat resets:

Another thing which bugs me a bit is that whenever you unplug this heater and replug it, the thermostat goes to 75 degree setting. It means that either you will have to set the thermostat to your preferred settings whenever the heater is moved, or you can set up a permanent location and not decide on relocating the heater.

A User’s intake on Lasko Heaters in General | Vimeo Videos

Every time you increase or decrease the thermostat by 1 Degree, you hear a beep. What if you want to go to 75 Degree from a 60 Degree setting? There will be 15 irritating beeps to bear with. The beeps don’t bother much if the heater is placed in a TV lounge or in an open environment. For bedroom use, I’d have love the mute feature in the Lasko 755320.

My overall experience with Lasko 755320 Heater:

All in all, the heater is great. I am 30 days into using it, and I am mentioning it because after a month I get my electricity bill. There was a minor difference, which is strongly indicative of the fact that the heater did not consume that much electricity or wattage. But if I were to say that you can keep the heater on for an indefinite time period, this would obviously run numbers on the bill. Timings do matter, so don’t confuse them with anything said here.

  • Silent Function:

Directly compared to gas operated heaters, Lasko 755320 is silent… very silent. It is as if the heater isn’t even On. I can’t say that an electric heater’s comparison against a gas heater would be just, but that’s the best effort I can make to give you an idea.

  • Automatic Thermostat Function:

By default, you will see the automatic temperature high and low buttons settings on the Lasko heater. They are not thermostat controlled. It means that whenever you turn on the heater, you can choose HOT air or you can settle for “less hot air.” The thermostat function is accurate to a fair degree, hence setting the heater to an active state whenever the room temperature drops down below the settings.

  • Fan Vents Sway Function:

In other words, Lasko 755320 fan vents oscillate from one point to another. It makes sense for a heater or an air conditioner to have fan vents that move. Technically if the heater has a static heat emission zone, it would only affect the area right in front of it, which would eventually cause a temperature drop in the surroundings.

You can also turn off the oscillation through the heater’s settings menu; the choice is yours. Some heaters don’t have this function so please take a note of this handy feature. In conclusion, I recommend Lasko, as a brand, to anyone who is looking for cheap but effective heaters for the Holiday/ Winter season.

Word from Lasko:

Lasko’s #755320 Tower Heater with multi-function remote control will quietly and effectively warm any room with style. Digital controls are easy to use.