Two years ago, I bought the Logitech Washable Keyboard K310 for merely $29.99 from Amazon. It was a good deal, especially now that the same keyboard is going at a steep price of $76. So anyhow, the keyboard crashed on me just 4 minutes after using it for the first time. I was like, Whoa that’s fucking it, I am never ever going to buy Logitech products again.


What happened was that the K310 Washable keyboard went blank on some keys. I attribute it to some kind of instant short circuiting on the keyboard’s actual electronic board inside. Whatever the reason was some of the keys immediately stopped working. I was shocked, especially since I bought that keyboard thinking that it would serve me a couple of years, while I wouldn’t have to worry about water or coffee spills on it. Hey! Washable eh… doesn’t hurt to give the keyboard a good old dipping.

the mouse works well on glass surface tooIt was bad luck. Most of the overall reviews for that particular model are amazing. I just ended up with a faulty piece. Nonetheless, I kind of held the grudge to not to go again for Logitech products. But hey, here I am back again with a review for Logitech MX Master series wireless mouse – and this time I am all praises and appreciation for the amazing job that the company has done. The mouse surely wooed me with its ways and it sure will have the same effect on you. Here’s why:

Good stuff about the Logitech MX Master wireless mouse:

Right out of the box, the mouse is a beauty to look at. Users of the earlier MX model may say that the Master MX wireless version is a true successor to its predecessors in its own way. Also, as far as the earlier versions of Logitech G700 and G700s gaming mice are concerned, the MX Master version is able to replace them quite easily, despite of being a hardcore non-gaming mouse. Some of the initial reactions are, but not limited to the following

  • Incredible packaging. The mouse is tucked neatly inside its box and there’s a flip cover over at the top so you can flip it and look at the mouse, without having to take it out.
  • The MX Master wireless mouse is not only designed well to fit your grip, but it also has a certain amount of weight factor going on. This mouse is heavy. Some people don’t like heavy mice, but that’s the thing for me. Also this mouse does not have tacky colors and details. It has a chromatic appearance and blends in nicely with the usual spreadsheet geek look or a casual gamer look.
  • Good battery life, especially when compared to the Logitech MX Performance edition. The Performance version is also a great mouse, but it doesn’t bode well in the battery department.
  • Adaptive speed control. Based on how fast you move your mouse, the Logitech MX Master automatically adapts the pointer speed to match your input level. Also there is a second scroll wheel on the mouse’s body. You can use that too if at some point your fingers don’t easily reach the buttons next to it.
  • Of course, the “gestures” are one of the most important aspect of the Logitech MX Master wireless. That’s what the mouse was primarily made for. The gesture feature is a special button at the base of the mouse, right where your thumb would normally rest.
  • You just press the button and move the mouse in a gesture to which you already assigned some sort of command. To add to the intuitiveness, the pointer is locked in place while you are performing a gesture so that it doesn’t interrupt with any other function.

Moving on, you can assign a total of 3 different devices to the mouse. You will see a switchable button under this mouse with three positions to choose from. They are like profiles, which you can set for gaming mode, work mode and vice versa. Or you can choose to completely assign different devices to the button. Let’s say you have a Mac OS system and a Windows PC. You can register both devices on the Master Wireless MX mouse’s memory with this simple clickable button underneath the mouse itself.

I did not go into a lot of statistics and numbers with this mouse in particular. I am not that kind of guy. So if you are looking for precision pointer calculations for this mouse, compared to other competitor products out there, you may as well surf the internet. So far, the mouse is good, compared to the Razer mouse I have owned. It has a long USB cable which can either be used for charging the mouse or for wired mode connectivity.

20160225_195115Yes, the MX Wireless comes with a Bluetooth connectivity feature, which means that you don’t have to connect the wireless dongle i.e. if you motherboard supports Bluetooth feature by default. I have the Asus Maximus V Formula motherboard and I am not using its Bluetooth connectivity feature. The reason being is that while assembling the system, I did not give too much thought to connecting the MPCIe device that comes with the motherboard accessories. Now I do regret it.

Bad stuff about the Logitech MX Wireless Master mouse?

Yep, despite of being a great product, the mouse does have some features that seem like a bit of a setback to me.


  • I am using the side scroll wheel for zoom function on webpages and documents. The wheel does not ratchet that’s why. I think that the wheel’s side scroll function sometimes loses precision.
  • Compared to some other Logitech mice, the MX Master wireless edition does not have proper storage measures for the USB receiver. It can easily be misplaced if lying out there in the open.
  • Sometimes the small buttons on the top scroll/ jog wheel are hard to reach. Also, aside from the accessibility issue, these buttons are spongy at times. They don’t have that usual click factor. So what if a lot of dust clogs in? Maybe these buttons will get stuck.
  • As much as I liked the intuitive idea of the gesture button on the MX Master Logitech mouse, it lacks certain things. The button is basically concealed where the thumb is supposed to sit. You will have to get used to pressing hard on the button to make use of custom gestures. If only Logitech made it a little easier for gesture button to click, it wouldn’t have been a bit of a setback.

Closing thoughts about Logitech MX Master wireless mouse?

Compared to other mice out there in the market, the MX master is a great fusion of gaming and work alike. The mouse serves to live its purpose whether you are deeply engrossed in a complex spreadsheet document, or fragging a horde of zombies during late hours of the night.