Spick and span, SoundWave SW100 Bluetooth speaker falls right where we expect it to be. I wouldn’t say that it is an exact answer to portable entertainment or conference calling, but I will admit to its simplicity and awesomeness without any hesitation.


The Story Behind SoundWave SW100:

SoundWave SW100 Bluetooth speaker was introduced in market back in January 2013. I am guessing their sole intention for creating this speaker was to help users on the move. However, I cannot negate the usefulness of this speaker when it comes to listening to music. Whether you are hooked to entertainment through Bluetooth mode, or direct USB cable connection, the overall performance of this speaker will not disappoint you at all.


The Good Stuff about SoundWave SW100:

  • Amazing battery life. On the box packaging it says 10 hours max, but I think it goes beyond it.
  • Micro USB cable for desktop or wall socket charging.
  • The volume is surprisingly loud – hence the expression: “deceptive” in the title. At first when I unboxed the speaker, I couldn’t believe how small it was. However, the music, as they say, was loud enough to fill up my room.
  • Works 100% as advertised.
  • Frequency response 60Hz – 18KHz
  • 800 Hours standby time. I have to test it because I didn’t get a chance to see this device in an idle state.
  • Anodized metal finishing with brushed steel looks.
  • Cube presentation box with impressive packaging. 

Before stating down anything briefly, let’s take a quick look at some of the things that I did not like about this portable speaker.


Bad Stuff about SoundWave SW100: 

  • There is no MicroSD card slot. Other Bluetooth speakers falling in the same category.
  • Bass levels could have been slightly stronger.

The Most Important Part is What???

You have to burn out this Bluetooth speaker for what I’d say a few days max. In my case, the burn out phase was really not that much of a big deal. I started with a few songs. The SoundWave SW100 churned out low notes. I thought okay this is it, the speaker is not going to go any further than “audible” sound levels.

Few hours and one Bluetooth phone call later, the SW100 sprang to life. The speaker was giving the best performance without any hitches – so much so that I played it in my living room, and took it out in the TV lounge to test its limit. In both cases, the sound was very loud and I had to decrease the volume out of sheer curiosity.

My Experience with SoundWave SW100 Bluetooth Speaker:

The speaker arrived in a cushy air bubble padded bag. It just showed how much care and effort LoveCases put into securing the order. The speaker itself was not packed as I was expecting. Instead, there was a cube shaped plastic exterior which really made this little beauty stand out. You can think of it as a jewelry item inside a transparent little box.


On the top side, there was a white colored rubber ring that was obviously meant to protect the outer rim. The base was snuggly sitting inside a cardboard box. This box contained the following items:

  • 1 X Official SoundWave SW100 Bluetooth Speaker Manual
  • 1 X USB Micro Cable
  • 1 X 3.5mm standard Cable for Direct Connection (if a Bluetooth Device is not available)
  • 1 X Plastic Coated Rubber Base for Extra Firm Grip

On a side note, you can expect this speaker to bounce off whenever you are playing loud music on it. The bass notes kind of make it tremble a little. If this speaker is placed on a slippery surface, it will slip. Watch out!


The good thing is that the bottom circular base of the SW100 speaker is protected by a sticky coating/ sticker. I have not peeled off and used the sticker on the extra rubber base, but I am sure that it will serve its purpose whenever needed. I like to keep sample review products in near mint, or mint condition.

Sound Quality:

Starting off with a couple of medium treble and bass range soundtracks, the SoundWave speaker came up with an average quality. I was expecting the sound levels to be “meh”, but I was wrong. After a few hours of non stop video and song marathon, the speaker was loud enough to fill up an entire room with nothing but wonderful results.


Of course I tested the speaker for call quality after pairing it with a Nokia cellphone. Since this was an ‘A’ grade cellphone, I had to use the conventional pairing cable, rather than the Bluetooth mode. I wanted to do things this way because I was testing the device for compatibility. The call quality was great. It was not muffled or appeared “damp.”


The SW100 is certainly good for conference calling because of its clear voice quality. The Mic is very sensitive. You don’t have to move in on the speaker at all. Just keep talking and things will go fine.

Battery Life:

I never had to charge the SW100 after unboxing it. Surprising, isn’t it? Maybe SoundWave guys charged it already or someone at LoveCases did it, but the speaker gave 8 – 10 hours of uninterrupted battery performance.

Make and Build? The SW100 has what I would like to call a brushed metal build. It is heavy and its exterior has a very strong textured feeling. In my honest opinion, both the weight factor and the brushed texture visuals/ feeling is great. At least you know that you are not holding a cheap light profile device that could break any minute.



The SoundWave SW100 Bluetooth speaker is a great choice for anyone who is looking to buy something under $25. Alternatives to this speaker are Sharkk and Satechi. However, I will not recommend the latter because of poor quality and overall negative reviews at Amazon. In a nutshell, if you are planning to go out on a drive all by yourself, or simply aiming to use the speaker for entertainment purposes, this thing will not disappoint you at all.

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Word from the Manufacturers:

The SW100 Soundwave Bluetooth speaker combines slick and stylish design with modern technology designed for people on the move. With built-in Bluetooth technologh the speaker gives you a way to enjoy streaming your music wirelessly from your handheld device or laptop.