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For a $49.99 internet Wi-Fi router, I was amazed at how Medialink Wireless N Router pulled in all those reviews. Cmon’ 4,723 satisfied customer reviews, with a little over probably 100 negative individuals bitching about the product’s “low performance”, you got yourself the sweetest deal on wireless routers.

I have had NetGear routers for a long time now. Prior to that, it was a ZTBL wireless router. I still have the latter but it is busted. Somehow, I can’t let go of my old things. Whenever something crashes on me, I just pack it and store it in the cupboard. You should see my outdated DVD Players, ROMs, RAMs and Hard Drives that are of no use to me.

Since this article is about the Medialink Router, I’m going to get to the nitty gritties in a few minutes. First, let’s take a look at why this router really rocks.

It’s Medialink Wireless N Router – Expect the Best from It!

It has been a few months since I have used Medialink – Wireless N Broadband Router. Throughout this time period, I never ever had any problem or whatsoever. Summer season has just started and I might have a few concerns about the router overheating but we will have to wait for that.

Side View of Medialink Wireless N Broadband Router

For now, Winters just flew by; the Medialink Wireless Router worked fine without causing any issues. I had to unplug it a few times but whenever I reconnected it, my laptop and main gaming PC instantly detected the signals. For multiple laptop setups, this wireless router is the best for at-home users.

Why Buy Medialink?

Well, it’s Medialink. It is a brand name; a trusted authority in the wireless and telecommunication device industry. I know you have LinkSys, D Link, Net Gear and above all, CISCO routers but they are all either too expensive, or they die out on you. Dibs to routers that die a slow pulsating death. At least this way you can get a few bucks worth your investment.

But what about wireless routers that suddenly burn out? At times, the companies do not help you claim warranty. This is why Medialink Wireless N Router – 802.11n – 150 Mbps – 2.4 GHz matters a lot. The company has primo level customer service. I don’t think you will ever need their customer service, but if required, they will help you with replacement units or whatever.

Box Accessories of Media Link Router - Still from Amazon

Buying this router was more of a “leap of faith” thing for me. I am skeptic. But it was all over when I plugged in this Medialink wireless router. It is more of a plug and play device. In fact, the installation process is minimal. You will see some quick start instructions at the time of new connection setup and that’s about it.

If you lose the connection, you can restart the router. Some people have complained that their Medialink Wireless N Router does not have strong signals. If this happens, try changing the wireless router channel. Or maybe you can reset the router. I do not recommend resetting. Do it only if you have done everything else without any satisfactory results.

The Good Stuff about Medialink – Wireless N Router 802.11n:

  • For $49, the router offers an incredible service. The price is absolutely worth it.
  • Very easy to install and set up.
  • There are NO LOST CONNECTIONS or whatsoever. Frankly, Medialink Wireless N Router makes LinkSys its bitch. LinkSys routers go out of connection at least once every other night. This is not good for people who leave their routers On for downloads.
  • Perfect signal strength. Just the quality you’d expect inside your house.
  • Sexy looks. The bright blue LED lights add a futuristic appeal to the router’s looks.
  • No need to contact the official Medialink Wireless N Router customer service. Seeing to the pristine quality and performance, you are less than likely to contact them.


Let Haters be Haters – Why Some People are Accusing Medialink?

The Medialink Wireless N Router is a product of MediaBridge Products LLC. I have seen some people suggesting that MediaBridge is paying individuals to write positive product reviews for the ‘Medialink Wireless N Router 802.11n – 150 Mbps – 2.40 GHz’. This is not true at all.

The fact of the matter is that these accusations could be coming from “LinkSys” or NetGear marketing reps. Especially when this routers has 4,700 customer reviews and a very affordable price (only $49.99), there has to be some lame marketing strategies to de-rank this product. That being said; if you are still feeling uncomfortable, you can choose to buy other company routers.

5 Port Connections - Rearview Media Link Wireless Router

By the way, LinkSys got folded back to Cisco. They used to have great products but LinkSys’ quality fell off the cliff. I have examples of pissed off customers who bought LinkSys routers online and got defected units. They kept telling the company’s quality control department to pay attention but to no avail. Even Belkin routers can give up on you any time.

The people who have already bought Medialink Wireless N Router is because they saw the stellar reviews. They wanted to test this thing. Boy did they feel happy? Yes, they did.

Firsthand Experience with the Medialink – Wireless N Broadband Router:

The Medialink Wireless N Broadband Router arrived within 3 days of ordering from Amazon. I chose Amazon because of the low super saving offers. You can buy the same router from eBay or any other retailer of choice; no one’s going to judge you for that.

When it arrived, the router was packed in a small box – so much so that it was inside my mailbox. Within one hour, I had the router set up. I would have done that sooner but I had to ask my brother for help. He knows these things better than I do.

First time Settings Menu Medialink Router - Wireless N Broadband Connectivity Options

I set my password on the Medialink Wireless Router, assigned unique IPs to all the devices and it was running like a charm. The Sony PS3 was not detecting wireless router settings automatically. We had to do it manually. I have not connected my Xbox to this router because it is JTAGGED and will be banned immediately at Microsoft Xbox Live Marketplace.

Compared to the atrocious AT&T and ZTBL routers, Medialink Wireless N Router connected immediately. Things did not fail this time, and I was more than satisfied. I also set up this router on another computer. This time, I did not follow any instructions in the Medialink Wireless N Router Quick Start Guide. Even then the router worked flawlessly.

The Medialink Wireless N Router configuration settings menu is easily accessible. You can tap into them through the menu system. Follow the instructions to set up you WAP security key. Use this key as the universal connection password for all your in-house devices. You will have no trouble connecting again, since this setup is only required once.

Word from MediaBridge:

Medialink – Wireless N Broadband Router – 150 Mbps – 2.4 Ghz – 802.11n

This router is the perfect solution for adding a wireless network to your home or business. It fully complies with wireless standards and is guaranteed to work with any manufacturer’s 2.4Ghz wireless adapter and most manufacturers’ DSL/Cable modems.