Razer is a seasoned gaming device manufacturer. They have been in the market for a long time, which not only adds to the company’s credibility, but also drives people to have huge expectations from them – and when these loyal customers are finagled into pissed off Razer product owners, they start motor mouthing negative reviews all over the World Wide Web community.

The mouse plugged in at its docking station for charging.

Coming to the hot mess: the Razer Mamba mouse, there are a few issues which initially caused a huge uproar in the Razer user community. However, the only thing that matters is that Razer has released a few updates to the Mamba mouse series and these “issues” are no longer part of this beautiful mouse anymore.

What is the big deal with Razer Mamba mouse jump?

We heard stories that Razer Mamba gaming mouse, despite of its appealing visuals, strong build quality and other things, lacks core functioning aspect. People, and especially wives, who bought their gaming husbands this mouse as a gift, were made because they noticed lags and stutter in mouse movement.

In addition, the Mamba mouse seemed to have a mouse of its own. If Razer was planning to introduce an A.I. mouse program through this product in particular, I’d say that they failed miserably. The mouse pointer suddenly decides to “teleport” its way across all over your screen. It chooses random points and then jumps there, hence causing your player movement and pointing function to not work properly.

The Cyborg R.A.T 5 Series Mouse | Amazon

Cyborg RAT 5 Mouse Wallpaper - Amazon Sales Page

As a result, buyers lamented their decision of buying the mouse. There were some individuals who tried to look for the solution, but failed because, well, the problem was in the Razer Mamba firmware basically. Back in 2012 and late 2011, when the mouse was kind of viral, maybe because of its issues, at YouTube and other video hubs, people had no clue how to solve the jump issue.

Since they (pissed off customers) had a genuine reason to bash Razer, the company’s competitors also stooped down to creating fake accounts at Amazon and such other retailer website to drive customers away. Did it work? Yeah it did work. Did Razer do something about it? Of course they released a new software upgrade to the Mamba gaming mouse.

Is it okay to buy Razer Mamba mouse?

Eventually, the problem was solved. Some customers even edited their reviews with an “UPDATE” tag, just to show their appreciation towards Razer’s effort to solve Mamba issues. So if you are at an online retailer or at a local vendor and wondering if the Mamba would turn out to be a great mouse, go for it. Period. This mouse is going to be a nice addition to your gaming arsenal.

Steelseries Sensei Mouse | Amazon

Raw frost edition of the Steelseries Sensei Mouse

It does the job as advertised and it works flawlessly. You need to make sure that you have downloaded the latest Mamba drivers from the official company website. Otherwise, considering that this is a 2012 product, the issue will persist if you ended up buying the unit from an old batch.

Are there any other issues with Mamba Razer Gaming mouse?

Prior to the firmware upgrade, there were some load time software and Wireless to Wired transition phase issues with the mouse. As far as the load times were concerned, the computer would take a good amount of time to detect the mouse whenever it was switched to Wired mode. Granted that you are a seasoned gamer and don’t want to mess up with your Mamba profiles, you just set up everything in one go.

Razer Deathhadder Mouse | Amazon

Razer Deathhadder looks a bit similar to the Mamba mouse

Later on, make sure that all the profile settings and mouse calibration is in order, then you hit save and that’s about it. The load time intervals can be a little tedious when you have forgotten about one teeny tiny thing, you’d have to go through the entire waiting period for the Mamba gaming mouse to be recognized by your PC.

My friend has a SteelSeries mouse and despite of the fact that it was a later release, both of them have close calls. Razer Mamba, thanks to its high DPI levels and SteelSeries are equally good mice. Particularly, when I talk about Steelseries, you can turn the mouse upside down.

At the lower bottom side, you will see a mini LED screen where your current mouse profile will be displayed. You can switch those profiles at the flick of a wheel/ button at the side of this mouse. This is why I also love SteelSeries.

Compared to other mice, where does Razer Mamba fit in?

This is a very general question. The term: “other mice” does not constitute a specific idea about the kinds of products you are comparing against Razer Mamba. I’d say that if you have budget within the $100 range, you should create a list of all high quality mice which were part of the 2012 release. Go for any company and then compare their mice against Mamba; this would be a fair comparison to some extent.

To help you get started, you can see the list appended below:

  • Cyborg R.A.T. 5
  • Razer Naga
  • Razer Deathadder 3.5G
  • Steelseries Sensei
  • Roccat Kova+

I already wrote a bit about SteelSeries. Since I forgot to mention the particular model, it was Sensei. The mouse has a nice splatter of a blue frost logo on it and runs like a charm – this is the particular model which my friend is currently using. Also, we have the Razer Deathadder 3G vs. Razer Mamba theory; both of them are good mice as long as the functioning is concerned.

My only gripe with the Deathhadder mouse was its glossy build. Any Cheetos or chips’ granules would stick on the 2 side buttons, hence eventually causing the tiny crevice around the buttons to gunk up with all kinds of trash. Think about your sweat, grease and dust particles settling in there. This is why I prefer using Razer Mamba.

The thing about Mamba’s side buttons is that it has a rubberized non sweat grip surface. The addition of rubber padding at the side and all the necessary areas of this mouse prevents dust and any greasy stuff from making an impact on the device’s surface. Plus, if you have used the Deathhadder and Mamba, the overall vibe is completely different. Only a person who has owned these mice can understand how both devices feel from a gamer’s perspective.

So there you have it; all your Razer Mamba 2012 edition issues solved. One last thing; Razer did not release a “2013” edition of the Mamba series. They upgraded the drivers and kept up with releasing the same product series. By the way, Razer’s customer service is kind of sloppy. You will need to have a bit of patience.

If you bought your Razer products through their Amazon sales page, you can always turn them in for a quick RMA/ refund.