If you haven’t been having any luck with “borrowing” your victim’s online information, then give a shot to the Firesheep Firefox addon. Developers created this tool to track down information about anyone who logs on to one of the 26 registered Firesheep websites.

Firesheep Fan Wallpaper - Google Images

For example, if your target is a Facebook user, then you have the chance of swapping his/her to your cookies directory. The extension is a mild way of letting HTTP developers know about the so called security protocols. Seattle based Eric Butler created Firesheep to bring our attention to the loopholes in the security modules of each social networking website and various browsers.

So far, over 100,000+ people have downloaded this itsy bitsy hack tool, which is very much available for grabs on Max and Windows. Butlers says that if he wanted to go further with this application, he could have had his way with it by now. The Firesheep Mozilla Firefox addon on reveals your victim’s username and session IDs only. This is sort of useless information to those who were hoping to sniff out passwords and credit card numbers, the easy way.

Eric Butler also said, “Firesheep was written over the course of a few months in spare time but really boils down to a few weeks of work. I originally thought of the idea three or four years ago, but didn’t start working on it until this year.”