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Was buying Songza a good decision made by Google?

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July 7, 2014

In a move to acquire more online users, Google recently bought Songza. It is an internet based radio service like any other service except for a key change. Well, it anticipates and plays the music that you are itching for. …

Apple product refund process speeds up

Filed in : Apple - National News

May 14, 2014

Product/ order refund process, in general, can be pretty painful. Besides carelessly maintaining this website, I run real life businesses where most of the focus is maintained on customers. Every once in a while, I run into refund cases; they …

Undelivered PS3 order leads to casual banter over text messages

Filed in : National News - Tech Norms

March 23, 2014

Ed Joseph, a U.K. based graphics designer ordered a PS3 from Gumtree.Com. For those of you, who do not know what Gumtree is, it is a classified ads network platform where people put their items for sale. You can say …

Cyber Berkut hacks NATO websites and claims responsibility afterwards

Filed in : Latest News - National News

March 18, 2014

Two days ago, NATO press secretary; Oana Lungescu made announcement regarding a successful hack attempt against multiple NATO public websites. Later on, Pro Russian Ukrainian hacker group known as: Cyber Berkut, claimed responsibility for the so-called network intrusion. The attacks …

1940 Titanic’s Loraine Allison mystery solved after 70 years

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January 20, 2014

Loraine Allison was part of the unfortunate people who lost their lives during the Titanic incident. Allison was two years old, and the only “surviving” child from the first class VIP category. It is said that though the girl did …

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