God of War 3 art book, also known as ‘The Art of God of War 3’, made its way to the publishers somewhere at the end of 2009. By mid 2010, the book was openly available in the market. Since I not only dabble in using latest gadgets, I also maintain the tenacity for hardcore gaming. Like most of the diehard GoW game fans, I wanted to maintain my love for Kratos and his wild adventures through collector items.


Good stuff about God of War 3 Art Book:

This art book is the second installment in the God of War art book series. You can look for all of them by typing down ‘The art of God of War blah blah’ at Amazon or in Google search bar. The results will guide you to a collection of personal blogs and individual profiles where these art books can be looked up in more details.


At the time when Ballistic Publishing released the Art of God of War III book, it was a limited time collector edition. To be honest, I did not have over $150 to buy that book. It came with Blades of Chaos and some of the in game related stuff, which I still miss to the date. However, the art book itself is also a great addition and a spectacular rendition of the entire game.



I ordered the book via Amazon and got it within 3 days. DHL was swift and the fact that all my orders have been always coming in without any damages, I sure as hell prefer DHL priority. So the book arrived in a special Ballistic Publishing white colored cardboard packaging. This package was further packed in the traditional Amazon cardboard packaging to further reinforce the safety factor.

  • God of War 3 is a great inspiration for digital artists.
  • Offers detailed insight on all the in game areas.
  • Offers artists point of view on why they went for a particular level map or character.
  • Original concept art and final character designs for God of War III.
  • Artist feedback on their art work. For instance, why and how the Cyclops was created.
  • Laminated life sized pages with spectacular print quality.

This art book has that special portfolio style look. So if you are looking to add it to your God of War collector items arsenal, it’ll be a great addition. There is a phased approach throughout the passages and art work itself. Level designs are maintained in a separate section, environmental details are offered in a separate section – and finally the much anticipated characters are all there in their respective category.

The compilation and art direction of this book is marvelous. All the work features in depth insight on Poseidon, Hades, those typical God of War series monster NPCs, textured busts of extra characters that were never seen in game but almost made it to the screen, Kratos poses, etc.

In a way, the book itself invites you to look at all the things that you missed out on during the gameplay. While in game, Kratos is the main character you will be interacting with. However, the God of War 3 art book has so many visually stunning things that it is hard for me to decide on which character or level map is my favorite.

Bad Stuff about the Art of God of War III Book:

Ummm… no. I’d have complained about the finishing and binding but there’s nothing to talk about. The complete art book package is flawless – at least in my honest opinion. If you are a digital artist, I’d recommend that you take high res photos of all the important pages, instead of opening the book again and again; this will impact the paper life.

Highly recommended to all the God of War fans, and upcoming legendary artists from all over the world.

Word from the Ballistic Publishers:

The ‘Art of God of War III’ takes you behind the scenes of Sony’s biggest 2010 game release, featuring character and environment concept art and production art.