The NEX Alpha 6 by Sony falls right there at the bar where you’d say it is an above average product. This camera gets its looks from the DSLR family, with a hint of small number of features; just enough to generate impressive results. What had me rooting for it was the fact that it is cheap ($700+ is a low price when you want to buy a DSLR, but don’t have oodles of money).

Front view of the NEX Alpha 6

Now in case this is your first time purchasing cameras, things can get a little hard. There are so many companies to choose from; Sony, Yashica, Panasonic, Canon and finally the ones with luxury status. The retailer is not going to pinpoint a specific digital camera. They don’t have enough time, and even if they do, they’ll personally recommend something beyond your buying power.

As a result, you will end up with a crappy camera with an illusion of something else. So why bother? Heck, I can’t even guarantee that NEX Alpha 6 Sony is the “best” camera ever. What I do know is three things which make this product a win-win for everyone: 

Another Yesterday | HD Video Shot by Sony NEX Series Camera

  • Sony NEX Alpha 6 digital camera is easily affordable.
  • It never received that much complains and hatred from camera Nazis.
  • Above all, if this were a failed product line, Sony would have abandoned the project. They released the NEX 7 as next member of the family. The latter is more expensive, which indicates the amount of hard work put into creating something good for end users like you!

Good Stuff about the NEX Alpha 6 Sony Digital Camera: 

  • 16 MP camera backed up by a powerful 50mm lens.
  • Amazing zoom feature for close up shots and stills.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity with possibilities of upgrading existing apps, and downloading new ones.
  • Great shooting design with above average battery life. I’d recommend high quality battery packs for the NEX Alpha 6 so that they’d last longer. (The NP FM500-H is a good battery and it is also advertised at Amazon due to its reliability).

Meet Michael Sandman – Old School Photographer from the 70s:

Wi Fi, HDMI and Micro HDMI Ports

Okay, while I was researching for Sony NEX Alpha 6 review, I came across this guy: Michael Sandman. I found him at the Amazon sales page for this digital camera. What caught my attention was that Mr. Sandman has been in photography field for over 3 decades. Throughout this much amount of time, he has used all kinds of cameras.

Michael wrote about a Rollei 35 (35mm camera) that he had been using in 1973. It had a 40 mm f/3.5 collapsible lens, and a whopping $200 price tag. I’d say that today $200 would look like nickels to you and you can buy a pocket camera within the small budget very easily. However, in 70s, $200 had a lot of value – think of it as $1,000 investment in a high quality DSLR camera from 2012 – 2013.

Anyhow, the Rolleri 35 was not only a classic, but also a 100% manual camera; something meant for true professionals. To get the best shots, you’d have to go through a trial and error procedure while using the Rollei’s view finder feature. Today, after years of hard core photography, Michael Sandman owns a number of cameras.

Classic Camera Shots Dating Back to 1930 – 1970



USSR Circa 70s


He has Canon 5D Mark II, which is, not to mention, a great DSLR category camera with a heavy price tag. He bought the Sony NEX Alpha 6 in hopes of buying a digital version of the Rollei 35. The requirements were that it should be a small camera, just enough to fit in the side pocket, it should have a sensor “big enough to make 11 X 14 enlarged results”, and a small zoom feature to top it all off.

What can I say? Sandman took over 490 shots from the NEX Alpha 6 Sony Digital Camera to conclude that this was the right camera for him. At its core, it is the APS-C class size sensor which generates those amazing results. Directly compared with the Rollei and other classics, Michael Sandman is of the view that “in the right hands”, the NEX Alpha 6 can produce amazing results.

Trigger happy folks, who just take photography for granted, will obviously leave negative remarks about this camera. Michael says that the APS-C sensor in the Alpha 6 is “3 times the size of sensors in Nikon 1 and Panasonic cameras.” The difference is that this Sony device captures its subjects rather quickly and with more precision as opposed to Olympus and Panasonic.

By the way, people have complained about NEX Alpha 6 coming up with lens Vignette issues. Well, the camera automatically corrects the distortion if you have set the results to come up in JPEG format. You can also use Photoshop to correct the results but it will take a lot of time. Also, if you have minimum experience in Photoshop and camera photo imports, you will probably throw a tantrum in the long run.

Battery Issues and Fixes for NEX Alpha 6 Sony Digital Camera:

The battery life is above average, but if you are not careful with it, things are gonna get disappointing soon. Sony needs to roll out a couple of firmware upgrades to prevent the camera from auto focusing. As much as some people like the auto focus feature, it eats away battery life quickly. What I would have preferred is the manual approach.

If you have past experience in the photography field, you can at least get the camera to focus. The auto focus feature, in my opinion, was made for noobs. It does save time because it is a convenience, but it is also providing you that “convenience” at the cost of precious battery life. In addition, the NEX Alpha 6 has a Wi-Fi connectivity module.

If you are using the camera with Wi-Fi mode On, and you are also shooting all the way to Kingdom come, the battery is not going to last long. Wi-Fi itself consumes battery at a crazy level. I am not just talking about digital cameras here’ Wi-Fi adapter and antennas in smartphones also use battery life at an accelerated rate.

Out and About with an external Flash

So don’t use the NEX Alpha 6 Wi-Fi if you don’t “need” it. A nicer alternative would be another battery with more juice in it. As already stated earlier, an extra set of NP FM500-H battery for Sony NEX Alpha 6 would be considered a good insurance policy.

Image Quality as Seen by Experts:

The image quality in Sony NEX Alpha 6 depends a lot on how you will be using this camera. A lot of times, people who are used to automated high end DSLRs, end up passing negative comments about a camera like this one. The interesting thing is that both Sony NEX Alpha 6 and the NEX 7 have more or less same image quality; pristine and quite impressive to the naked eye.

Try different light exposures and ISO settings. The auto ISO is probably the default mode in most of the cameras these days. However, with custom background; maybe assuming that you are shooting a subject with a black fall backdrop, you will need a very specific ISO mode to get picture perfect results. Even though the NEX 6 and NEX 7 are not using the same sensors, they are still capable of producing good results at various ISO variations.

Notice the Zoom and Autofocus

Sony Little Big Planet Wallpaper for Camera Products

The NEX 6 Alpha produces cooler combinations of white and other basic tones. You just need to fiddle with environmental light sources and exposure. For instance, do not use the auto ISO under clear skies because this is going to output average images. 

NEX Alpha 6 Lens Debate:

With the infamous lens debate, there comes the subject of video quality. All I have to say is that video results are quite flexible. The default 50mm F3.5- 5.6 lens will get you the noire look if you are looking for one. The lens has the tenacity to go out of hands with its results, but if you know how to use the kit properly, you’ll have no trouble whatsoever.

The edge-to-edge sharpness, low distortion, and minimal aberration issues are what make NEX Alpha 6 worth it. Raw mode set to JPEG will take 2 seconds per shot to power up. 2 seconds is a great deal of time, so continuous shooting is a no go for you. Secondly, if you really want to concentrate on continuous shooting, its performance will vary with image extension.

Sony NEX Alpha 6 has to be set on “Speedy Priority” priority mode, with fixes on the exposure. The standard JPEG will keep bursting for 20 shots in continuous result mode. Step it up to enhanced results, and it will go to a maximum of 12 shots before slowing down to a halt. The camera will still keep on tryin its best to maintain a decent clip ratio.

Photosharing with NEX 6 Sony Alpha Digital Camera

The auto focus is good, but there are times when you are willing the AF to focus on the main subject. For some reason, it will focus more on the ugly guy/girl standing besides the subject. I wonder why that happens? Even cellphone in built cameras also do this. It is one reason why I don’t use the “Auto Detect Face” and “Auto Detect Smiles” with the auto focus mode in any camera these days.

Closing thoughts about NEX Alpha 6 Digital Camera:

If you are looking for a reincarnated version of highly popular classic cameras, the NEX Alpha 6 is the right device for you. As a matter of fact, the entire NEX series family is recommended to upcoming photographers, among other cameras. The Alpha 6 goes beyond typical wedding photography marathons; it is a past time companion for art aficionados and nature loves from all over.

Word from Sony:

Raise your photography to the next level with NEX-6, a remarkably compact interchangeable-lens camera loaded with big camera features. From the distinctive dials on top to the large APS-C image sensor inside, you’ll feel that special sense of quality and performance that is a signature of DSLRs, minus the bulk.