I haven’t written in a while about car audio products. Now that I think of it, it has been more than a hundred and fifty days since my last encounter with anything from the insides of a vehicle – that was kind of unfair.

So lately, I had the pleasure of driving my friend’s Nissan Otti; it is a slightly old model, nice drive, cushy seats and everything a middle class guy could wish for. What blew me off was that the car was doing 10.6 Miles on one gallon of gas, which was not as advertised.

Pioneer Player - Official Wallpaper for Car Owners

However, the coolest thing had to be the vehicle’s Pioneer AVH Car Audio player. The exact model name is a little hard to remember. It is called: Pioneer AVH-X5500BHS. Of course, you won’t be able to remember the exact model name or serial number so let’s just call it a Pioneer car audio system with a 7 Inch wide touchscreen display panel. How does that sound?

First look at the AVH 5500BHS Pioneer Car DVD Receiver and you will instantly know that this is some pristine quality shit. The panel itself is completely customizable, right down to match your car’s dashboard color, which is very VERY rare for in car DVD systems.

At the time of writing this review, I just finished testing the receiver. It has been 15 minutes or a little over than that – so most of the highlights are pretty much there in my mind. I’m going to talk about the Pioneer AVH DVD Receiver as the details come right off the top of my head.

Pioneer AVH Car Audio DVD Receiver Review – Experience Elegance at its Best:

First of all, before starting with the review, I’d like to formally thank Pioneer for releasing such a wonderful product. The AVH 5500BHS Pioneer DVD Receiver itself won’t be able to tout outstanding performance if you don’t have a great car audio system installed. However, even on default car speakers, this DVD receiver does an impeccable job.

My experiences with this car DVD receiver are based on my career as a software developer. I have dabbled in firmware development, so I know a quality product if I see one. The point of bringing my software background is to highlight the capabilities of Pioneer Car DVD Receiver. First look at the interface, multiple options and stuff it comes with, you can tell right away that a manual does not need to be opened.

Yeah, the DVD receiver comes with a manual, but the product’s luscious interface is pretty much self explanatory. In fact, I never had to take aid of a manual to locate any DVD playing features – it just came naturally to me. From software development perspective, I can tell that the Pioneer AVH 5500BHS is using a slightly shabby operating system.

Take a look at the Pioneer Car DVD Receiver Box Packaging | Google Images

Pioneer AVH in Box Packaging - Google Images

I mean the menus take a little bit of time to respond user commands – it’s as if something’s stuck inside the receiver’s internal mechanism. Consider the fact that you have linked your iDevice or any Android phone to the receiver; it’ll take a few seconds for the media list to show up. But seeing that Pioneer did an overall great job, I am not going to hold it against the company or the receiver itself.

Now moving on to the sound quality, I am going to say it out loud: it’s absolutely fantastic. The old car audio sound system was nothing if compared with the Pioneer AVH 5500BHS model. My friend told me that his last set of speakers didn’t sound as good as the sound quality that comes off Pioneer. Let’s have a step-by-step analysis of this DVD receiver’s perks:

General Features – According to Pioneer AVH X5500BHS Developers and Existing Users:

  • Internal Amplifier – Courtesy of Pioneer, this DVD/CD Receiver touts a 14 watt amp with RMS CEO 2006 X 4 Channel Speakers.
  • There is a HD Radio Tuner – Pioneer Introduced it as a Built-In Feature.
  • Seamless Integration with Pandora Radio, AppRadio and other Smartphone Applications.
  • Mic Support
  • Enhanced Pioneer AVH Equalizer with 
  • In the end, obviously, the entire car system comes with a remote control. Otherwise, it would have been an illogical thing to pay over $350 for a DVD receiver that doesn’t even have RC support.

What if I Want to Expand my Pioneer AVH-X5500BHS DVD/CD Receiver?

That is a great question. A car DVD receiver which is this much expensive should have future compatibility and tons of expansion options. Fortunately, this receiver is among very few car gadgets that features multiple expansion options. Take a look at the following:

Input Ports: You can connect the A/V devices and any USB standard device through the appropriate input channels in this DVD receiver. In addition, a rear view camera input can also be installed on the device. The car’s rear camera, on the outside, will show you everything on the 7 Inch motorized screen without any issues.

AppRadio Mode: Already, I talked about this, but it was a slight mention. Through the AppRadio Mode, Pioneer AVH owners are able to synch iPhone apps data (the ones that are compatible with the unit), directly through the face of the receiver. You will now be able to receive and play a variety of file extensions spanning over multiple resolution standards. The social media channels can also be monitored through the receiver – i.e. number of Facebook Likes for a particular song/ video etc.

Sirius Satellite Radio (Optional)

The Sirius Satellite Radio is an optional expansion feature that comes with Pioneer AVH receiver. You don’t like it; you don’t have to go for it – simple as that. If you are willing to enable the feature, it will support touch slide control for easy maneuverability, hence enhancing the overall control over the receiver’s core functions.

Another Look at the Pioneer AVH DVD Receiver’s Features

Another Look at the Pioneer AVH DVD Receiver's Features

Pioneer AVH-X5500BHS Vs. Your Smartphone:

This particular car DVD receiver also supports a wide array of smartphones. The fact that I already talked about iPhone support a couple of times in this review is evident enough already. Let’s see, if you have an iPod or any model of the iPhone as long as its OS or 3rd party application grants easy connectivity with the AVH BHS 5500 Pioneer receiver, the entire playlist section will be synchronized within minutes.

The next time you only have to connect the device through its connection port on the receiver, and it would immediately assist you in playing media files.  Now I know that Android device owners are making a facing right now, I can visualize that. The good news for Android owners is that this Pioneer car receiver will offer you the same number of features, probably more or less, as it does for the Apple device owners.

You can play CDs, DVDs, Music Files, Mp3s, WMA – literally anything even if it takes Bluetooth streaming. Anything that shows up on the receiver’s screen has a function. At first glance, the menu will look complicated but you will get by easily during the coming days. By the way, since Pioneer says that the AVH-X5500BHS has a motorized LCD screen, it means that the motor functions impeccably well. It doesn’t wear out over time.

I have seen Car DVD players that have a shitty motor. The LCD would roll out fine for the first few months and then it feels as if the motor is putting in too much effort. Later one, you discover that a replacement part has to be purchased, which I must say is very rare for such players. The best way is to make a one time investment in a DVD Receiver/ Player which will last beyond the product’s lifetime.

Pioneer Installed in the Car - DVD Receiver at its Best

Right now, I am testing the AVH’s Pioneer Receiver’s compatibility with phone calls. It is going to be an interesting encounter. You will be updated within a few days. Stay tuned and have a great day. By the way, you can look up the Receiver at the official Amazon Sales Page.

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