The last time I had a GPS navigator, it had me going crazy. For some reason, the computer thought that I was going the wrong way. Well, I trusted the busted program and the best it made me do was cartwheels on the road. Not fun at all.

Lucky for you, this TomTom XXL 540TM review will not only get you the hottest GPS product of all time; it’ll also help you cut down on outdated directions.

The Good Stuff about TomTom XXL 540TM World Traveler:

  • Free Updates for Life! You wanna know the real deal with TomTom XXL 540TM GPS navigator? How about free updates for starters? Isn’t it cool? These GPS software updates come with a lifetime policy. As soon as TomTom releases something, you will automatically get the heads up.
  • There are over 7 million points of interest, gas stations, restaurants, 60 destination categories, ATM machines and hotels – all of them preloaded in the program’s database. Still I would advise you to plug it in and run the update, just to be sure that you’re not missing out on anything.
  • The in-built TomTom GPS route calculator always recommends the shortest way possible. Above all, with its real time traffic update, you will be directed to areas where there is not much traffic, low probability of running into traffic jams or anything else for that matter.
  • Anti-glare screen provides maximum view even under direct sunlight. You can place the navigator in your car, without worrying about any light from the outside, falling on the device’s screen.

Some part of me aching to write tons more about TomTom GPS’s good points, but I am gonna have to cut it short here. Otherwise, you will not be able read anything descriptive until I’m done yapping for 2 to 3 hours at least.

Don’t worry, this TomTom XXL 540TM review does cover everything in details. It’s just that I don’t want to spoil all the fun by disclosing everything about this device through bullet points. That won’t do justice here.

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The Bad Stuff About TomTom XXL 540TM GPS Navigator?

Honestly, I never thought you would ask for it. To tell you the truth, this GPS navigator does not have any disadvantages, shortcomings or the so called bad stuff. It’s what I like to call a great product, which is not only future proof, but also larger than life.

The reason I will not state down any cons here is because the TomTom XXL 540 model comes with a lifelong reputation, over 2000 positive customer reviews at Amazon and the free updates… of course. Garmin GPS or Sygic will always prompt you for additional payments, which kinda leaves me questioning the basic purpose of GPS in the first place.

Why create a navigation device when you are not able to use it because of outdated maps? Why bother to pay those companies additional money for each update? Wasn’t this entire thing meant to be for your ease and comfort? This is why I love TomTom. I do have other GPS products but TomTom is like my primary weapon here. The rest of the stuff is just meant for backup and that too IF and only IF I ever feel like using it.

My Experience with TomTom XXL 540TM GPS:

After using Honda Accord, Garmin GPS and Ford – I kid you not – ‘Sync’ audio lamest GPS navigation ever, I always felt that something was amiss. Guess what, it was TomTom; a product that’s not only cheap but doesn’t go beyond any unusual boundaries in terms of use, additional expenses and etc.

Long story even a bit longer, I ended up selling my Honda Accord. It was a fluke anyway. I recently bought a Cygnus on leasing and this TomTom GPS device that I have been writing about for an hour and a half now. The things which make this product tick me in the right way, are:

  • 5 Inch Screen Size.
  • For 4 years straight on – you will be getting free map and software upgrades.
  • Built in 2 GB memory covers for any upgrades that are available and will be made available in days to come.
  • Completely customizable options make it worth every frigging penny. You get to play with settings your way.
  • I always thought that Garmin made the best GPS of all, but ever since I have used TomTom, I think Garmin isn’t that much attractive anymore.

Unboxing the TomTom XXL Navigator 540TM:

Each new purchase of TomTom XXL 540TM 5 Inch Widescreen Portable GPS comes with the following contents. (If you don’t have a checklist, now is the perfect time to jot it down):

The unique code is your “get out of jail” free card. Upon your account creation/ registration, you will be asked for this code. Enter it and get the lifetime free upgrades instantly.

It’s The Stubborn Things Which Bind Us All!

Okay, for a fact, we all know that in built car GPS systems are normally around $2,000. The interesting thing is that while the car guys are making these products, they don’t pay much attention to it. Isn’t that ironic? I mean, you are buying a really nice car, you are paying for the $1,000 or $2,000+ GPS and you are not getting your money’s worth?

The stubborn in built car GPS prices and their sloppiness is exactly why people have to purchase 3rd party GPS navigators. Some people don’t do the math and the research properly, which sends them back to square one. Therefore, I would recommend that TomTom XXL 540TM device because of its outstanding price and above average performance.

For TomTom 540TM, I am going to break down the details as followed:

  • Screen Size: The XXL 540TM has 5 inch screen size. I already stated that down earlier. But for the sake of pouring out details, lets talk a bit more, shall we? Despite of the choice factor out there, many GPS navigation companies don’t make devices with this much big screen size. I have seen many with a maximum of 3 inches to spare.

The screen resolution is mediocre, which is a good thing. Even graphics whores tend to like the medium standard resolution in TomTom XXL 540TM because it makes it easier for people to navigate around the entire touch menu. The bigger size of the on screen button, navigation arrows and roads are pretty easy to see.

  • TomTom XXL Unit’s Overall Rating: On an overall scale, whenever you are about to buy a GPS device, make sure that it catches the signals quickly. Most of the GPS products are arted low despite of their glamorous attributes is because of their low signal performance.

If I were to compare Garmin, TomTom and Sony GPS, I would give an extra point to TomTom. Garmin is good too. But hey, when you have drawn your room blinders down and want to get the signals instantly, TomTom will catch you as much as 5 satellites immediately. Garmin is better than Sony at least.                   

  • Free Map Upgrades: Yeah, that’s what I have been mentioning for a while now. Free updates make TomTom one helluva product. TomTom also has a sharing facility so you can upload or download user updated maps instead of relying on official upgrades to roll out.

Let’s say, someone in your vicinity or the TomTom community has discovered a new route to Marco Bistro, that person can update it. The next you are logged in, your map will be automatically updated to the new Bistro location. 

By the way, TomTom is considering adding European maps to the device. Imagine an entire continent’s location at your disposal. To some people, who don’t travel a lot, it might seem like a useless feature. However, it’s great news.

  • Where Does TomTom XXL 540TM Really Shine? The product shines where others don’t. It is the quality of routing, which takes the edge off. TomTom likes to call it the intelligent IQ routing technology, and believe me when I say this: “it is absolutely flawless”. 

The IQ technology routes the maps and traffic feed in real time. For instance, whenever you have marked a destination in TomTom XXL 540TM GUI, you will get the real speed of traffic and various roads that are preloaded in the database. The beauty of the entire system is that whenever you want to avoid a certain shady route, you can notify the system. TomTom will immediately suggest an alternative.

I am a TomTom Believer. What Are You?

With the TomTom XXL 540TM Wide Screen GPS installed in my car, I will tell you that the company released a newer model. It is known as the 550TM but the only upgrade it has is the “simplified” interface. In my opinion, don’t bother spending money on the TomTom 550TM. If it is really the simplified menu you are aiming for, you should try the one that 540TM has.

With nice perks, such as lane guidance, multi language support, text to speech and proper pronunciation, TomTom did take my heart away. Needless to say, once you have the device, forget about getting lost, even at the busiest or the shadiest of all locations. You just have to input a destination and the rest will be taken care of by TomTom. Good luck.