These two apps will make your workout groovy and more efficient

I know that we all have struggled in finding the right soundtrack for our workout. I have been trying a few applications over the last few months until I stumbl...

Photos by - Casey Nolan  | 1 year ago

High Protein Pancakes Recipe for Gym Goers

Okay, so part of the reason why I wanted to write this high protein pancake recipe is because I am a dedicated gym goer. Also, a guy at LinkedIn, after I posted...

Photos by - Casey Nolan  | 4 years ago

An account of my experience with Vitamin E and D for effective hair growth

Scientific evidence and research has never been 100% in favor of Vitamin usage. They acknowledge the fact that a person is taking vitamins through naturally occ...

Photos by - Mehwish Salman  | 4 years ago

The Origins and Evolution of HIV Virus

Africa was once known to be the cesspool of HIV infected patients. However, recently gathered data shows that there has been a significant drop in overall HIV p...

Photos by - Nikki Malik  | 4 years ago

Losing weight in Winter Season is tough, but it’s worth it

Winters are often taken for granted. We tend to “enjoy” the cold weather by staying inside, preferably by the fireplace or within the inviting embrace of ou...

Photos by - Ahmed Malik  | 4 years ago

Infinarium TV

NVIDIA SHIELD – The Console Killer?

NVIDIA SHIELD – The Console Killer?

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