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9 outta 10 times, girls experience this shit at Facebook

I’m a girl: 5’5’’ with a moderate physique; not that I have known men to drool over my photos in real life, but I’ve had my fair share of crit...

Photos by - Mehwish Salman  | 11 months ago

Why students are ending up with poor grades?

The issue of students failing all over the world, especially in America, has gained quite some attention lately. We do have technological advancements and all s...

Photos by - Casey Nolan  | 11 months ago

Some thoughts on John Szczepaniak’s Japanese gaming documentary

John Szczepaniak, with a surname which speaks intelligence in itself, is a well-known contributor to a printed journal Retro Gamer and also the game industry we...

Photos by - Casey Nolan  | 1 year ago

Rewiring brain with new memories made successful!

What’s brain hacking? In simple words, hacking in to some one’s brain. Sounds interesting eh! Think about it. Just a jolt of electricity is all that it take...

Photos by - Casey Nolan  | 1 year ago

Was buying Songza a good decision made by Google?

In a move to acquire more online users, Google recently bought Songza. It is an internet based radio service like any other service except for a key change. Wel...

Photos by - Nikki Malik  | 3 years ago

Infinarium TV

NVIDIA SHIELD – The Console Killer?

NVIDIA SHIELD – The Console Killer?

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