Julie Larson Microsoft Chief explains the reasons behind redesigning Windows 8

Windows Chief: Julie Larson explained why the company went through an interface change in Windows 8. Clearly, Windows 8 still doesn’t make a lot of sense to p...

Photos by - Casey Nolan  | 4 years ago

The Story of Microsoft and Nokia Mobile Downfall

Failure doesn’t happen overnight; it takes some time to build up to it. Wrong decisions in life, inconsistent attitude, poor management skills, lack of time m...

Photos by - Casey Nolan  | 4 years ago

German Blogger’s Blog about Microsoft Mouse and its Mysterious Disappearance

2 years ago, I was sifting through a German blog (not that I speak German or anything, but the article became quite interesting after I used Google Translate). ...

Photos by - Nikki Malik  | 4 years ago

The Etiquette of Gaming on a Windows 7 Platform

Everyone loves to play games on his/her smartphone once in a while. And please God, I’m not talking about Angry Birds or its rendition of Halloween version. T...

Photos by - Mehwish Salman  | 4 years ago

Microsoft still gearing up for success – Windows Phone 7 footage surfaces

Despite of the immense popularity of Google’s Android OS platform, there’re Windows Phone loyalists who’d do anything to stick by its side. I remember my ...

Photos by - Casey Nolan  | 6 years ago

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NVIDIA SHIELD – The Console Killer?

NVIDIA SHIELD – The Console Killer?

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