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Powdered Alcohol creator: Mark Phillips defends his invention against possible FDA ban

Mark Philips, creator and inventor behind ‘Palcohol’, recently faced utmost criticism from the FDA, the Senate and a couple of nitwits in the alcohol manufa...

Photos by - Casey Nolan  | 3 years ago

Undelivered PS3 order leads to casual banter over text messages

Ed Joseph, a U.K. based graphics designer ordered a PS3 from Gumtree.Com. For those of you, who do not know what Gumtree is, it is a classified ads network plat...

Photos by - Nikki Malik  | 3 years ago

HP Releases the earliest Windows 8.1 64b Tablet

We have all seen the recent tablets that came out during the last few weeks. A friend of mine was in mood for purchasing Microsoft Surface Pro for the sole reas...

Photos by - Casey Nolan  | 3 years ago

Valve’s new touchpad game controller is quite an innovative invention

The CES 2014 event was something interesting to look forward to. CES always maintains that sense of mystery; tons of people gather around to see what the tech w...

Photos by - Ahmed Malik  | 4 years ago

Even when the Authors Guild sued Google in 2008, nothing affected the Search Engine Giant

This morning, I wrote a little bit about Nikon cameras for folks who don’t have much to spend; look what else have I dug up for you? In the news today from st...

Photos by - Ahmed Malik  | 4 years ago

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NVIDIA SHIELD – The Console Killer?

NVIDIA SHIELD – The Console Killer?

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