Last Tuesday, Samsung released the curved version of their Galaxy smartphone. What’s its name? They call it Samsung Galaxy Curve. Yeah, very original concept, eh? Anyhow, the phone is indeed in a curve shape. It has a strong novelty effect to it because you don’t get to see a lot of phones in weird shapes.

Samsung Galaxy Round Photo Still

Guys at CNET are saying that this new curve phone has more technical appeal to it beyond the looks department.

Was CNET paid to praise the Samsung Galaxy Curve, or is it just me who thinks like that? The Curve has as dip in the middle which runs the entire length of the smartphone. Think of the phone as a hot dog bun. Get it? You are holding the hotdog bun sans the sausage in it. Now I kind of made it sound creepy with the sausage analogy.

Galaxy Round Specs for Luxury Brown Edition

So, moving on here’s my question to CNET and all the other people out there. Why would you buy the Samsung Galaxy Curve? Despite of all its fancy new features, there’s one thing that I can’t shake off. Here’s a scenario:

Samsung Tomorrow - Galaxy Round Wallpaper

Once Upon a Time, a Fat Ass Bought a Samsung Galaxy Curve:

Assuming that someone is overweight or he/she is donning a tight pair of jeans. Accidentally, the person slips the Curve in the back pocket. Also it makes sense that the back pocket of your jeans will have more space to house the device, since the side pockets are no longer roomy these days. So you are thinking, okay, I will tuck it in the back pocket.

Now what if somehow you sit your ass on a bench or a hard surface, while completely forgetting that you had a hotdog shaped smartphone in it? You hear a crack and the next thing you know is that the Samsung Galaxy Curve is no longer “curved”. Now it has become a regular cell phone with cracks on it and a flat out body because of the annihilation it just went through.

Features Sheet as Seen at the Expo - Samsung Galaxy Round

Samsung, on the other hand, is saying that people with fat asses will not be running into any trouble of this kind. As a matter of fact, they are saying that the device has a very strong body, accompanied by a “Super Flexible AMOLED” display. Well, it sounds like a lot of bullshit to me. I don’t think they were thinking about this particular issue which I just raised.

I would have tested this theory but I am afraid I can’t. You see, I am not in a position to buy a Samsung Galaxy Curve and then break it under my ass just to prove a point. Later on, I’d have to buy another smartphone to cover the loss. Nope, not my kinda party. But if you have some coins on your hand, maybe you can test this theory.

Notice the Bend Factor in there

A Closer Look at the Samsung Galaxy Curve Smartphone:

Okay, let’s be serious; let’s talk about the good stuff this smartphone has. Rumor has it that when Samsung was making this particular smartphone, they put it through various test modes. All the design possibilities and features were rigorously tested before the final version was released. Also, in one of my articles, I did mention that Samsung had a very innovative way of testing things.

In London metro stations, the company started handing out its under development tablets/ prototypes to the passengers, just to get their feedback. Other companies don’t do it; at least I haven’t heard much from others on this topic. Because of the fact that consumers need more features and the company has to deliver them, without overkilling (Nokia always does that), Samsung’s top executives had to put their asses on the line. However, I think that the only “selling” point for Samsung Galaxy Curve was the Curve factor.

Top Side View of the Galaxy Round by Samsung

The funny thing is that Samsung Galaxy Curve/ Round’s introduction was made when the company was facing patent infringement charges against Apple. On top of it, there is a govt. shutdown going on, and Obama did not veto the ban against Samsung as imposed by Apple. This caused massive damage to the company that was looking forward to showcasing its smartphones in the next few months. Now they won’t be able to do that because there’s a pending lawsuit which involves multitouch and other technology infringements.

I hear that to some degree the Samsung Galaxy Curve can bend and roll up. They made it flexible that way. On the same note, I also think that this device could be a revolution in the market. They just released a cellphone with flexible screen as an idea; maybe Samsung will take it a few steps further down the road someday. To see that prodigy of a cell phone, Samsung loyalists will have to wait a little longer.

One of the Ovum analyst: Jan Dawson said, “This is another example of Samsung trying to do everything in an attempt to see what works and what doesn’t. If buyers are busy looking for something unique that others don’t have (point to be noted), there will be a market for it.” Jan further adds that this market will not be huge.

This market will not be huge because you have a unique appeal to the Samsung Galaxy Curve, but it stays there as long as its looks are concerned. Once the craze has frizzled away, the market size will shrink.

Closing thoughts about Samsung Galaxy Curve/ Round:

Now that I realize, I haven’t written anything that adds to the device’s plus points. Well, there are not many of them to contemplate. The only plus point that I see is that Samsung has separated itself from the “Same-sung” philosophy. What would that be, in case you are wondering?

A few months ago, someone at CNET commented underneath a Samsung Galaxy S4 article that Samsung is bringing nothing new to the table. Hence the expression: “Same-sung” was particularly used by that person. Now that they have released the Samsung Galaxy Round smartphone, I am thinking that the company is capable of creating and doing what others are not thinking of.

The shape of the phone itself alongside the flexibility factor is a feature. It will be used down the line eventually. Maybe not in the same curve context, but some other company, or Apple will create a very thin and very flexible device just as Samsung has already done.