For thousands of developers out there, Amazon held its re:Invent conference this week. People were baffled by the company’s willingness to act and deliver on all fronts. For those of you, who do not know what re:Invent is; it is an annual event where developers and potential prospects meet under one roof to get updates, ideas and things in motion that are promoted by Amazon AWS.

AWS, otherwise known as Amazon Web Services, is a cluster of cloud related services that enable developers, SysOps, DevOps and programmers to collaborate for different purposes. Whether it is an individual looking to promote his/her name or services through cloud platform, or a giant company looking for solutions to its Big Data issues, AWS is always there.

Obviously, Amazon is not alone in this field; there are other contenders too. Google has its G-Suite and Google Cloud services, Microsoft has the Azure platform – so on and so forth. However, Gartner estimates that Amazon is the only company that is not only leading by a huge market share, but is also estimated to reveal thousands of more services in year 2017 under the AWS platform.

Throughout the re:Invent, different spokesperson, on behalf of AWS and other companies not only revealed benefits of using AWS over other services from competitors, but also showcased a multitude of new and upcoming services. In one of the keynote presentation slides, it was revealed that Amazon is adding 3 services/ features a day to its AWS developers’ hub.

It means that the company is adding approx. 1,000 features a year, which is far more than what Google and Microsoft are offering. Of course, Amazon is going to have bit of a tough time dealing with Google as they just acquired QwikLabs; and online learning / hands on labs website that was previously offering Amazon related tutorials mostly under an exclusive agreement.

Google has not revealed its plans, and neither did we hear any word from upcoming developers who were enrolled in QwikLabs AWS learning quests. Whether these developers were affected by this unforeseen acquisition or not, it remains to be seen. I hope that Google does not remove all AWS tutorials and the entire lab catalog from QwikLabs inventory; that’d be a huge setback and blow to aspiring developers out there.

Coming back to Amazon re:Invent, Gartner’s current statistics estimate that Amazon’s S3 storage capacity is 1.6 times large in comparison to IBM, Google and Microsoft. Obviously it is bad news for these other companies, but the question is how long and through which strategies is Amazon going to keep the competition at bay? Only time will tell that for sure.

Among several supporters and keynote speakers, Mr. Dharmesh Thakker, Battery Ventures’ general partner said, “Microsoft Azure is a viable contender, and Google certainly knows how to manage infrastructure better than most tech companies, but the gap is significant and only growing day by day.

Not only Thakker, but hundreds of other developers know that Google and Microsoft have deep pockets; these companies can bear to overcome adversity by spending more on tech and innovation, but when compared to AWS, and especially its Big Data related services are still a lock-in threat to the competition.

At the moment, Amazon is still learning in the Artificial Intelligence sector. The company launched Lambda and Alexa modules to not only enable developers to learn new techniques of creating programs from A.I. perspective, but this will also help Amazon in return as these developers will bring newer ideas to life.

For instance, Dan Sholnick from Trinity Ventures says, “Amazon is behind in A.I. and they know it. They are taking the infrastructure development underlying the Amazon Echo and democratizing it. Amazon is making a big push with Rekognition, Lex, and Polly; some new services that were announced during the re:Invent conference.

Clearly, compared to 1999, Amazon has come a long way from being just a small time online retailer for books; today, they are indeed the most customer friendly and eccentric company to deliver value. Hats off to you Mr. Jeff Bezos, you do not know me, but Amazon has contributed to making my life better in a very unusual and surprising way. I’ll always be your loyal customer and lifelong supporter.