At its peak, the fashion industry is argumentatively under a lot of pressure by the health ministries from all over the world. It is being said that the fashion gurus are promoting an unrealistic body image, especially for the females and because of that very reason; there has been a lot of deaths throughout the past.

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A noticeable name in the Anti fashion size zero campaign is Lynne Featherstone, the equality minister, who has argued again and again over the dreadful pressure that young girls have to face. “What fashion industry is promoting, is a false iconic representation of size zero figures that have been airbrushed and photoshopped a couple of times. Hence, the body types that young boys and girls see in the pictures are completely unachievable.”

In an effort to lose weight, size zero followers normally hit the anorexic / Ana road. Death is imminent by the end of this journey but patients don’t realize it until their last breath. The minister wants men and women alike, to think differently about the 12 inch waist that they all see in photo shoots.

All the more, she has been appreciating the physique of Mad Men TV series character Joan, which is being played by Christina Hendricks. The minister said – “Christina Hendricks is really fabulous and we definitely need more of those modes. She looks healthy and doesn’t conform to the size zero philosophy at all.

Apparently, Featherstone has evidence to back up her theories. She can give you a walkthrough of thousands of pictures, where magazines have enhanced the photos digitally, to make them look “perfect”. She has been trying to convince managers and editors of the magazines to stop using these techniques.

Though the minister doesn’t mind the use of Photoshop for the removal of wrinkles and freckles, but the waist reduction formula is a NO- NO in her book.