A couple of days ago, while I was sifting through the dark corners of the internet, I found out about AMDs latest release. The company has showcased a card, very recently, which not only holds 12 Gb memory, but also inspires hardcore professionals to try out the card’s top notch capabilities.

Top down view of AMD FirePro 12 Gb VGA Card - Price not Confirmed yet

Is the AMD S10000 FirePro Card for Gaming?

I don’t think that despite of its 12Gb memory and a long line of heatsinks on the card, the thing is capable of delivering visual performance for gamers. I mean, yeah, when you look at the FirePro 12GB AMD card, you think that it would be an awesome addition to your computer. However, this card is not primarily made for high end PC gaming.

More or less, AMD’s FirePro line is suitable for professionals from medical, astronomy and science related sectors. You will be able to play Mine Craft and Solitaire on it, but don’t count on the VGA for Metro, Tomb Raider or upcoming releases. The card is also great of satellite imagery, robust character studio rendering and other stuff which is essential for producing games etc.

AMD’s S10000 12 GB FirePro card is the latest addition to the product line. It features PCI Express 3.0 support, EEC memory plus DirectGMA and of course more than enough power to support bazillion of images that would otherwise cause a serious bottleneck issue, even on an SLI rig.

AMD’s spokesperson, who also happens to be the company’s Senior Director / General Manager recently said in a press conference, “Our compute application customers asked for a solution that offers increased memory to support larger data sets as they create new products and services

David Cummings further added to the statement, “In response, we’re announcing the AMD FirePro S10000 12 GB Edition graphics card to meet that additional memory demand with support for OpenCL and high-end compute and graphics technologies.”

The company did not provide exact pricing information for the S10000 12 GB card. Most likely it will be beyond a gamer’s reach at least. Why am I even bringing gaming into this? I should be talking about 100K satellite images, MRI hospital scans, CT scans, complex graphic algos and etc. These departments and industries are the ones to really benefit from AMD FirePro product line.