Mozilla keeps releasing beta versions for Firefox like popcorns

Another week and yet another series of these so called beta versions that Mozilla has been releasing for Firefox 4. As much as I like the idea of a company going for Beta versions, I think that Mozilla is abusing the facility. I mean c’mon, it’s almost a year now and I haven’t seen the final version of Firefox 4. Yeah, like they care about my opinion… 🙂

Several months ago, I did take part in the Mozilla feedback program, just like thousands of users out there. At first, one of the earliest versions of the v.4 browser didn’t have a minimize button. Wow, Mozilla listened and released another beta with a minimize thing on top of the main bar. Generally speaking, releasing another test version for the sake of a new button is an abuse of the beta release system.

Why doesn’t Mozilla just sum up all the queries and release a final and LAST version of these betas? Anyways, it came down from the official sources that the browser developing company is intending to call it a day on the beta lineup. The 9th edition of the browser is probably going to be the last of its kind.

New updates consist of some fixes from on-site and offsite optimization point of few, menial bugs, and a couple of error generation loops. The stability factor of this browser’s test version is going to be quite reliable. Let’s wait for the final installment and see what Mozilla has made us wait for….