Balloon Image wirth multiple brand names in itI happen to know this girl who has not seen her man for the last 6 years. Of course, I am not an expert on relationships but sometimes a person wants to be backed up in matters of love. I have had my share of torrid relations, which does put me in a state where I can at least suggest the right thing.

After a long while, this girl eventually realizes that the guy is “the one” who she wants to be with. Of course, Mr. Perfect is hitched in a relationship of his own with someone he wants to be with. It reminds me of a How I Met Your Mother episode where Ted explains how we are all hooked on someone else’s hook.

I told her to expect the unexpected but also give this thing a shot, as it might work for her. Anyhow, once we correlate this real life theory to products brand based relationships; things aren’t that much different in the end. Let’s say, you start off with a smartphone, a laptop or a car.

Eventually, you realize that you love the particular company for whatever reasons that fall on your scale. Maybe it is the visual appeal; maybe the product works flawlessly, but I am talking here in a general sense. The point is that you grow a fondness for that brand and it becomes part of the family. Doesn’t this entire thing sound like a relationship?

Winchester model 840 single barrel shotgun

Of course it does. For instance, my grandfather has an 1885 Winchester Single Barrel Shotgun. The old man wouldn’t let it out of his sight. I am still trying hard to “swipe” it away though :D. In his opinion, it is a brand loyalty right there. The shotgun reminds him of all the good times he had during his hunting days.

Brand Relationships with Modern Products:

Let’s take Apple as a fine example of a well-established brand. The loyalist community for this company is massive. People love Apple because, well, they just do. They have meaningful lives with an iPhone 5 clutched in their hands. The muggers value Apple too, so they like to bash in someone’s teeth to steal that iPad – so on and so forth.

So assuming that Apple is “the one” brand in your life that you want to stick with for generations to come, we take a look at relationships with the company’s products.

  • Apple and I have our differences… but we get by one step at a time:

Sometimes no matter how good an Apple product is, it starts to behave strangely. Just like girls do. You can’t completely understand women, can you? So Apple suddenly starts releasing products that look like a knock off of other Apple products.

The iPad Mini might be a sloppy second of the original full sized iPad. But who’s to blame. If you love the iPad Mini, you go and get it, right? But what if you have to make a choice between a 7 Inch iPad or a 7.9 Inch iPad? Eventually, rumor suggests that Apple is producing a new hybrid laptop-ish slash iPhone-ish device. Again, another knock off…

  • I like Apple as long as it comes to the respect factor, but…

Sometimes when your girlfriend or boyfriend is hanging around all the time, you start having “that” awful feeling. The same things about this person that once used to excite you, they bore you to death now. It is time to have some quality time and personal space of your own, isn’t it? It is just how relationships are, and have been for a long time.

It is important to manage sentiments with brands of your choice

Now when you have two products from the same brand, you are expecting something different. I have been a fan of Samsung Galaxy series cell phones but now after the company has released 3 of those devices, they all look the same to me. The menu style, the overall look and everything. Maybe it is just me, but I want something different for a change.

Same way, when we look at the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S, the exterior looks aren’t that much different. Of course, Apple loyalists will start running their motor mouths as to how I am offending everyone. How about the iPad Mini? Did Apple leave the original iPad in the dryer too long?

  • Hey Company X, we are now a family

Smartphones work in funny ways. Once a family member announces his likeness for a particular phone/ handset, this family member or Mr. Whatever convinces others to try it. Eventually everyone from the community is now using one brand because it makes it easy for all those users to stay on the same page – “synchronization” I would say in other words.

The cell phone carrier plans also work the same way. You use them once and then you suggest your friends to try them out to. Apple has your music, Google Play Store has your videogames, Honda has your cars – so on and so forth. What you don’t realize is that you are beginning to depend on a brand way too much.

Remember that South Park Internet Episode? People started to act like zombies. Even though the internet is a very general commodity, I can relate to it on an unrelated topic about brands. You start giving in to one brand too much and suddenly when its services go down for a few days, things don’t look too bright.

  • Outdated technology is ugly. Can I call it “you old ugly cow?”

Okay that came out wrong. You don’t call your significant other or the technology you once loved an old cow just because it has become obsolete. But age of the technology, brand or a particular product is not the only factor here. Relationships grow old after a few months’ time period. You just have to look at it the other way.

The truth is that you don’t love a brand forever. You will eventually want a change. We are all under the influence of products, celebrity endorsements, TV ads, commercials and everything that affects our opinions about brands. But you don’t stick with one thing forever – mark my words.

I had a Pentium P3 when I was in school – I thought this was it. Ever since then, I have been moving on to other brands – we all do. Supposedly you had bad experience with Honda; now you are going steady with Volvo. It isn’t going to last for long. Same concept applies to clothes, skirts, Tutus, girlfriends (yeah… maybe…), jeans and tech gadgets.

What’s the conclusion? Well, I would say that relationships and brands depend on our impulse. Change is good, bro. Let it happen. If you are going to stick with one brand, things will become hard. Got something to share? Let us know through the comments below