Every now and then, Google comes aboard as an inventor. Last couple of times, within the recent years, I heard they were working on a car; exclusively known as “Google Car.” Uh…huh they had to slap on the company’s name and use the word “car” instead of figuring out a cool name.

Anyhow, Google Car has been doing well. The company is busy tinkering and tweaking with the controls and the automation part. As far as the public eye knows, Google car is mostly automated and runs as per the installation of Google Maps + GPRS components. Top it off with the automatic element and you have a vehicle which is involved in a minimum number of accidents.

This is Not the Official Google Car – It’s Google Maps Car

This is Not a Google Car

Perhaps, the word: “Accidents” is not even the right word to use. They were more like fender benders where a human was involved in operating the vehicle. Rest of the times, it was just the Google Car running all by itself on the basis of preset maps and closely monitored activities going on inside the thing.

Here’s Sergey’s take on automatic vehicles; through automatic cars, there will be a less probability of accidents. People will just input their destination and the car will drive its passengers to the said point. If there’s a city full of automated rides, think of the degree to which life will be easy.

Hmm, the guy does have a point, but if you ask me, it won’t be fun anymore. Sometimes, we push the pedal for the fun of it. Where’s the fun in just sitting in an automatic ride; you’ll feel like a passenger in your own car!

From whatever we’ve gained through the prototypes, Google’s cars are not too bad. They’ve got their own video cameras, radar sensors; laser guided driving modules and an amicable sense of road safety. It’d be interesting to see a live robot car in action. By the way, Google is getting ready to manufacture a dozen of these babies – they want to field test them through races, side by side driving and chicken run games.