The undisputed search giant: Google has been planning to add more features to its social networking portfolio. Apparently, this move just came out as a possible jealous reaction to Facebook’s unstoppable reaction. But that’s not the end of it, we’re hearing that the new social networking platform cum University Project: Diaspora is also trying to catch up.

A Comic Representation of Google and other Social Media Websites

However, Diaspora has a lot of ground to cover because its Beta test didn’t fare too well. The comments from testers were really rude, but necessary. Diaspora developers have gone back to the labs to strengthen security protocols and some basic programming errors.

Meanwhile, Google’s executive: Eric Schmidt announced that the company is going to introduce interesting changes to Google Me. Ever since Google received a bad feedback about Google Buzz, the developers got down to developing it from scratch. Google Me will have a layered approach, with step by step installation of each feature.

As for Facebook, Michael Arrington @ TechCrunch has revealed that Facebook is planning to develop a smartphone, just for the social networkers. The news is slightly rumor-ish but we’re betting on Facebook for some interesting releases in the future.