Windows 8 is so crappy that they are now planting fake comments to make it popular!Hey Huh Huh Hey !!! Oh my God… that didn’t come out right, did it? Sorry, I apologize for any inconvenience or crushed feelings that the opening sentence might have cause. But, you can’t blame a writer with Tourette Syndrome, can you?

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Speaking of a writer with Tourette syndrome, try not to laugh while watching the following video. C’mon guys, it’s serious s**t, I need you to maintain a poker face throughout the course of the following clip.

Okay, fun, laughter and seriousness apart, where was I? Oh yeah, the fake Windows 8 comments thing. It seems that Microsoft recently went through a rapid round of firing and hiring. Fortunately, Microsoft did not fire any munchkins while doing so; Munchkins are the guys who do the “dirty” work for any company.

Usually, Munchkins are the people who comment on behalf of Microsoft or any agency they’re working for. Their job is to write comments and speak on behalf of the company when it has accidentally Effd Up and doesn’t have a legit official member to step forward. This is where the munchkin fella pops up.

Munchkins, Tourette Syndrome and Fake Windows 8 Comments!

So, umm how do you track these b***ards? (It’s Buzzards by the way, but if you read otherwise, that’s fine too). If you have had the experience of reading some insightful blog posts by these Munchkins characters, you will know a lot about their online behavior. You can click their user name and go all the way back to the admin blog sections of Microsoft or the website where these users primarily exist.

The funny thing is that the same guy/username was never on that original website or blog before. Their most recent activity dates back to a few weeks or a month. More so, the IP addresses and various other details do not make any sense. Of course, any normal person wouldn’t notice all these things, but hey, when you have Tourette, you start seeing things like Neo in ‘The Matrix’.

It gets worse. These hit-and-run commenters take sides, you know. They always try to bash the critics and any person who is apparently skeptic of Microsoft products. Oh, and by the way, they also blame Apple wherever it seems to be a possibility.

An idea just dinged in my head. What if I am a Munchkin for some company that is Microsoft’s competitor? Maybe I am unknowingly pouring out all my gut feelings against Microsoft? Maybe Microsoft isn’t that bad after all? The fact that I am a 29 year old guy, sitting in front of my laptop, with no real life interaction with the outside world, other than going to the gym for 2 – 3 hours, makes me legit.

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Casey Nolan - Bilal Malik - Infinarium Editor and Owner

Now, coming back to the Microsoft Windows 8 prospects. Apple has honestly never needed to hire fanboys. I am sure that you are aching to see some kind of evidence to support my claims, but alas… I don’t have anything right now.

Most of the PR guys that I talked to, they said that many companies use this fake commenting technique. However, who would admit to doing that? Let alone, even small companies don’t admit it.

The Not so Terrible Windows 8 in Action | Courtesy of Youtube

However, the commenting system works with, “Hey Microsoft Windows 8 it sooooo much better than blah blah blah product”. Then if someone begs to differ, he/she is instantly nicknamed, “Troll”, “Moron”, and “Retard” – so on and so forth.

For what is important at this point, Microsoft should go back to old school development style. Every Microsoft product in the Windows franchise wasn’t a flop – there were some successes. I have faith in the company and believe that they still have the potential to create something awesome.

What do you think?