Call it a call for help from motor car users and budget activists, Ford really listened. Over the years, the company has transcended from manufacturing the usual bigger sized vehicles, to smaller ones. As a matter of fact, compared to their gigantic counterparts, the compact vehicle line has received a lot of positive feedback from the community.

Ford Mustang Shelby Wallpaper - Google Images

Just like its rivals, Ford wants to be the leading company, based on fuel economy and federal mpg standards. Last time, when Ford launched its Fiesta and Focus series models, the plan didn’t go too well for the automaker. Hence, Ford designers and developers took on to their old task of refurbishing abandoned projects with a hint of innovation.

Ford is going to spread its EcoBoost engine technology, turbo charging direct injection across the Lincoln lineup. Take a look at a small summary report that Ford developed for year 2013 and onward;

Ford Fiesta:

As mentioned above, Fiesta is going to be released once again in five and four door versions. The car is going to be remade in a sporty variant look, with nicely done engine and highly calibrated pistons to inject fuel at efficient levels.

Ford Focus:

Ford Focus is going to be launched this year, by fall. The car has been built on Ford’s new global compact platform and supports an aerodynamic analysis based model, for efficient air inflow system and higher speed at the cost of low fuel consumption.

Ford Mustang:

Mustang is one hell of a beast that we can never forget. The car roars in its throaty ambiance based on those new Ford power trains and V6 engine. This is one heavy duty car; where fuel efficiency is slightly overlooked and you’re gonna have to come up with extra bucks to keep up with its expenses. But satisfaction and pleasure is guaranteed in this massive head turner vehicle.