Re Nourish Company Official LogoI bet some of you have not heard or read about ‘Re-Nourish’ – and I don’t blame you for that. ‘Re-Nourish’ is what I’d like to call a “sustainable graphic design resource; they come up with different ways to create stuff which is environment friendly. Full disclosure: Even I didn’t know about these guys until a few days ago.

We don’t get a lot of companies and people who are working, but also operating in a way so that their professional services are not damaging the environment. Think of all the industries and their waste material. Above all, such companies don’t even know how to properly discard their toxic shit, which, in return, contributes to a disaster for animals and birds.

Okay, coming back to ‘Re-Nourish’ and its effort to revolutionize the paper industry. You know, paper is basically made after tons of trees are chopped down. The high timber consumption rate adds to scarcity of trees in forest among other things. Therefore, ‘Re-Nourish’ is one of those companies that are aiming create paper through alternate means.

Think of the entire movement as mandating a process to help everyone create artificial paper. This thing would not only save the woods, but also aid industries in creating something that can be recycled and doesn’t have an impact on the environment in the long run. Got it?

Joshua Martin, Director of Environmental Paper Network, made a statement two years ago, “Sustainable graphics design is such a critical decision point in our society’s consumption of paper. It is a crucial step for us to convince other companies to join us in this cause. We welcome anyone to join “Re-nourish’s members list.

It looks like ‘Re-Nourish’ is still walking the talk after all this time. The company suggests that graphic designers, writers and publishing companies play a vital role in the world of paper purchasing. “If we want to change the way the paper is made, we want to convince graphic designers to alter their supply chain. Once they’re looking for ‘greener’ sources of finding paper, we’re on the right track.” – said “Re-nourish” CEO.