They call it ‘Walker’; a brand new beer that was recently created to honor the ‘Walking Dead’ TV series finale. If you’d like to know why ‘Dock Street’, the company behind this beer, decided to create it, well, I already stated down the first and foremost reason. They loved the series, and since some of the fans of ‘The Walking Dead’ are in the management department, the beer had to come out in the open eventually.

Dock Street Beer in honor of Walking Dead TV Series

However, in actuality, ‘Dock Street’s’ Walker is not going to last long. It is more of a fad in experts’ opinion. You remember the last time when CAPCOM opened a number of butcher shops to honor the upcoming installation of the Resident Evil video game series. Not only did it boost the game’s anticipation, but also added to the overall horror survival norm.

Coming back to Zombies and ‘Dock Street’ Walker’ beer; they say that it consists of real brains. Of course, they are not slaughtering homeless people for that purpose. These brains come from your trusty backyard goats, who are playing their part to bring a unique raw taste, alongside a tinge of barley and grains to your taste buds.

‘Dock Street’ is a Philadelphia based brewing company that has been around the block for a while now. Just like other video games inspired companies, this one is also taking part by not only adding to the ongoing TV series marketing campaigns, but also providing something “real” to an average zombie fan out there.

Live goat brains being roasted in a kiln – Courtesy of ‘Dock Street’

Live goat brain being smoked for beer making purposes

Head brewer of ‘Dock Street’, Justin Low has been a fan of ‘The Walking Dead’ ever since the original comic series came out. In his opinion, ‘Walker’ beer has an “intriguing, subtle smoke note” that can be tasted on March 30 – that is the exact date when AMC will be airing the final episode once and for all.