Verizon iPhone is just a few weeks away from the release date. Finally the wait is over because the phone will be released on February 10. Geez! I would have loved the idea of Feb 14, but oh well, you can’t have ‘em all.

Verizon iPhone 4 official image

For years people have been anticipating the unveiling ceremony of the Apple iPhone on Verizon networks. The wireless carrier has been known to delay the iPhone for a long time now. However, now that the release date is close, I guess things couldn’t have been unraveled at a better time. Wanna know why? Take a look below:

More subscribers:

  • Even when the iPhone wasn’t there, Verizon has been known to keep up with the volume of subscribers. Unlike AT&T, Verizon network has hardly dropped any calls. Plus, you do remember the time when Verizon made an apologetic announcement regarding some messed up Fee bills. All the more, it just proves Verizon’s credibility all around the U.S.

More profits:

  • To be honest, Verizon needs to earn a lot more than its rival companies. Take for instance, AT&T, the company generated $31 Billion in revenue last year. As for Verizon, they only came up with $26 Billion, which is a huge difference. Through the iPhone, the latter carrier can straighten out a few kinks down the road.

Improved 4G network performance:

  • For once, it’s a good thing for AT&T users to tryout a different network. Secondly, Verizon is known for the wide coverage of its 4G network services. The company is covering more than 38 cities across the country, whereas AT&T still has to come up with something alluring for its customers. Imagine an iPhone with 4G support – that’d be definitely interesting.