A few years ago, Victoria Plummer came under lime light because of her achievements in the filmmaking industry. It was a result of her majors in filmmaking and choreography from Temple University. She did some projects on the side; ended up getting appreciation for her hard work, and now works at her own studio.

Plummer Prints | Victoria’s Official Facebook Services Page

The official Victoria Plummer Facebook Page

Plummer has a knack for inspiring a bunch of emotions in people through her artistic skills. Life’s a bitch; Victoria Plummer had her ups and downs; the usual family and priorities related issues that we run into. Eventually, she came up with the idea of printmaking.

For those of you who do not know what printmaking is; it is a form of visual arts. The medium of expression is slightly different and the art work is not based on the usual paint and paper media. Back in 2010, she said in an interview, “I did love the process of filmmaking but printmaking was also an enjoyable experience for me. It is all about reacting to and acting on a current project, and see how the end results turns out.”

Plummer has always been a big thinker. She relies on creating landscape prints and unusual trajectories which common artist usually don’t attempt. All of her prints are available at her official website (http://victoriaplummer.com/). You can visit it to book an appointment or place a custom order for any range of prints that you are considering buying.

Screenshot of the Victoria Plummer printmaking services homepage

Ms. Plummer also expresses her artistic side through photographic printmaking, or by working her way through an image on Photoshop and transferring it on physical media. If you care to take a look at Victoria Plummer’s Facebook page profile, you can find it here: (https://www.facebook.com/inkPod). Her exhibits have been everywhere, from Strasburg to Millburn and way beyond.

The reason I brought her up is because this woman is doing something unique. Back when she started, printmaking was still a raw idea. As 2013 ended just a few hours ago, who knows what kind of opportunities year 2014 will be bringing. If you are looking to seek a career in visual arts or any particular field related to arts, now is the time to do it.