I am not rooting for Toyota; yet the article title says so. It’s just that the brand has secured itself a high place in the car user community because of several reasons. On the same note, other companies are following Toyota’s lead because such factors have become a benchmark now. Take a look below:

Toyota Crown Concept Model

  • Vehicle Stability Control

Vehicle Stability Controls – or VSCs have lately been the subject of immense importance for Toyota Inc. The company wants to secure its customers from any possible physical damages, that’s why five additional safety protocols were added to the VSC program. New modes of VSC by Toyota help reduce the car slip rates, collisions and vehicle disorientation.

  • Anti-Lock Brake System

Toyota proudly follows its “Everyone deserves to be safe” motto to the line. That’s why; the car manufacturer keeps its ABS technology up to date, with the ongoing safety and security standards. ABS prevents the car collision criterions by pulsing brake pressure to each wheel equally. By the way, ABS is quite an old feature; almost every other car has it these days.

  • Brake Assist

One of the technologies that are part of Toyota’s 5 accident avoidance program is known as Break Assist mode. Break Assist applies the breaks with full pressure if need be.

  • Traction Control

Toyota is one of the earliest researchers and developers on the Traction Control system. TRAC is one of the best ways of maintaining your Toyota’s balance on wet, snowy, slippery and uneven surfaces. If you have been familiar with Gran Turismo titles on the Playstation, you should know what Traction Control is all about.

  • Electronic Brake-Force Distribution

Another highlight of Toyota’s Star Security System is the Electronic Brake Force Distribution factor. EBD is the best way of redistributing break force that prevent the rear wheels of your car from locking up during moments of emergency brakes.

So there you have it; some of the perks of owning a Toyota vehicle. What else would you prefer in a car? Share your thoughts below in the comments section, or write an email to me directly at techguy@infinarium.com .