Will.i.am, the all-time famous musician has been in the limelight for various reasons. Either it is rumors related to his new upcoming album, or just his unusually obsessive knack for latest and weird tech gadgets. The singer has both invested in and partnered with numerous tech companies to help introduce top of the line products that haven’t been seen or heard of before.


More so, Will.i.am has been spotted a lot during the recent CES expos and such gatherings, every time with the possibility of proudly showcasing his love for a new product. These days, the lead Black Eyed Peas singer is seen wearing a dandy pair of earphones that have disc shaped earcups. To say the least, these outside “discs” are clearly an inspiration from old vinyl records, which probably the singer suggested because of his long-time affiliation with the music industry.

The mogul has his latest gadget as “Buttons”; a pair of high end earphones featuring Bluetooth connectivity and a whopping $230 price tag. Of course, with this price range in mind, not every person will be able to buy or try these earphones.

While, the $200 price threshold does give a sense of exclusivity to Will.i.am’s “Buttons” earphones, it certainly is going to affect overall number of consumers out there. In other words, there won’t be many buyers because everyone cannot afford such expensive earphones easily.


Oh… I almost forgot about Buttons’ ability to snap together magnetically around your neck. I will let some of the images do the talking. If you are a musician inspired gadgets fan, you should definitely save up now to buy Will.i.am’s earphones. They will hit the market in few days in different color combinations all across the U.S.