Artificial intelligence has been under intense debate for the last couple of years. Take the example of internet articles, published news stories, editorials and of course, all those movies out there. Speaking of movies, there is always a sartorial depiction of AI destroying all mankind and taking over the world once and for all.

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The pervasive underlining suggests that one day mankind will be slave to computers and robots because of evolution of artificial intelligence. In this way, we shall be reaching the end of times, the proverbial death by our own hands situation, or something like that.

Also, there is another troubling news that has been circulating for the last few months. Since automation has taken over a lot of industries and online jobs, people believe that they will be fired, or soon out of work because computers will be replacing the conventional human task. This is true to some extent and we have seen a decline in job market, but that is not only because computers have become smarter, there are other reasons as well.

Particularly when we speak about artificial intelligence or computers taking over the job market, we cannot neglect the opportunities that have come up. Yes, automation is now becoming a trend, but in the end, who needs to control a computer or edit a system program for the AI to perform better? The answer is simple: such tasks need a human back-end eventually.

I don’t find it surprising at all when I see new job posting for SysOps, DevOps or programmers who can control such artificial intelligence hubs. It is about time you need to improve your skills or add more to your portfolio to meet the needs of ever increasing modern job industry. Your old skills will not lead you anywhere in near future.

Augmenting humans, artificial intelligence and much more:

Consumer insights and experts suggest that the reality is quite opposite of what movies and media portray these days. In fact, AI, or artificial intelligence, is only making lives and jobs easier, while not entirely replacing human beings. In fact, AI will not destroy mankind or takeover the means of a person’s livelihood; the chances are remote.

As stated earlier, it is true that software field has overseen drastic improvement to the typical algorithm to speed task processing, but the idea is to help employees reach their goals in within minimum time frame. Paul Daugherty, Accenture’s Chief Technology Officer, expresses his views about artificial intelligence as, “At Accenture, our goal is to make humans super, rather than the opposite of it.” All of this is done by splicing computer intelligence and human brains together to generate the desired outcome.

Henceforth, Accenture has three main approaches towards artificial intelligence related tasks, i.e…

  • Transformation of daily business processes.
  • Provision of effective ways for human beings and on site employees to help interact with computers, and computer related tasks.
  • Help structure raw data and data sets to reduce recall speed.

Daugherty’s company is just one case of artificial intelligence integration with day to day tasks. There are tons of other companies that are not only exploring the vistas of AI, but also implementing them wherever deemed necessary. In one scenario, Accenture is rendering services at foreman/ factory level where workers are provided with VR reader headsets to notch their skills for their assigned tasks.

We can’t rule out artificial intelligence:

Perhaps you can say that it is either too late, or we have become dependent on artificial intelligence, we cannot rule out its necessity. Take any sector as an example of automation or AI driven result. For human welfare, artificial intelligence is being used in medical industry to create breakthrough solutions and surgical treatments that can deliver same output, but with less pain and within less time, of course.

Likewise, if we go in the sales industry, there are hundreds of artificial intelligence based programs that organize data sets to provide ACID compliance and input on user preferences. Later, this data is used by either humans or a set of computer programs to help generate analytics report. The result, as you may ask, is better consumer experience, speed, reliability and obviously, an increase in sales revenue for the said business.

All I can say is that AI has become more of a trend now. It will continue to evolve into something robust, while laying emphasis on not (entirely) ruling out the human element from the equation – therefore, you cannot worry about having your job slot replaced by Martha the new computer on office, or your life eliminated by a terminator robot sent from distant future.