When I write about technology, I tend to focus on so many other things. I mean if you look at technology from my perspective, you will know what I’m talking about; the cars, the “average” lifestyle these days, the tenacity to depend on tech – so on and so forth. And if I were not mentioning breakthrough discoveries in medical field, I’d be making a serious mistake on my part.

Xpert MTB - Doctor busy operating the machine

New molecular test diagnosis for Tuberculosis:

Speaking of technology and discoveries in the field of medical science, a group of experts have come up with molecular test to diagnose tuberculosis. The average time span of this test is very short; in fact, patients can expect a positive/ negative report for tuberculosis in under 2.5 hours time period.

A study in the Journal of New England of Medicine mentioned cases of 1800 patients; all of them were infected by or with different degrees of Tuberculosis. Some patients’ condition was entry level, while other suffered from a more severe state of tuberculosis. The so-called new test, known as Xpert MTB successfully identified 98% of all cases in two hours time period.

Xpert MTB test has also been enhanced to detect traces of other diseases. Some of the patients were identified for being resistant to a number of Tuberculosis drugs, which eventually led the doctors to advise prescription drugs in a better way. Patients, who were resistant to Rifampin; one of the most powerful TB drugs, were given a dose of alternative medicine because of Xpert MTB’s diagnostic abilities.

The Director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases – Anthony Fauci said that the new drug test against TB can not only identify the disease but it can give a fair idea of the drugs that can be effective against it. “Speed, agility and accuracy are perhaps the best words for Xpert MTB test. The new drug comes up many testing methods that have been ‘unheard’ of in many case,” said the Director.