In 2010, I wrote an article about eReaders, suggesting that their sales are expected to sky rocket by year 2013. Even though it seems unbelievable that I waited for 3 long years to conclude my research, it did prove a few points. eReaders have fared well and their sales have gone beyond my expectations at least.

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The truth is when I compare eBook Readers’ sales to 2010; I see a lot of difference. You don’t really have to go to see all the number and stats. You can go to Amazon and there is a fair chance that the main page is going to showcase Kindle or Kindle accessories.

It is true that Amazon owns Kindle and likes to highlight it at its website. However, Kindle is one of the many eBook readers that have gained popularity over the last three years. As a result, it proves the point that eReaders, in general sense, have experienced massive demand since 2010.

Here’s an excerpt of my report from 2010:

“We have to give some credit to those E-Readers because tablets are not the only thing, worthy of all the spot light. Personally, I am more of a tablet/smartphone person but I encountered a few incidents where I was more than impressed by new models of different E-Readers.

After taking my little research thing further, I figured out that E-Reader sales are going to shoot up by 14 million units in 2013 and by 2014, there will be a fierce competition among all those E-Reader developers.

It’s not like as if it’s all about Kindle or LumiRead but we have a limited number of brands, so users don’t have much choice when they have to buy an E-Reader. Plus, it is just year 2010, and folks are not giving a lot of respect to E-Readers, which is in fact due, somewhere later in the coming time period.

But let’s admit it, as much as E-Readers are occasionally and rarely praised, they will be wiped off the face of this earth, if certain standards are not met. Call it fate or luck, but ever since the notorious Apple iPad got released, people are just expecting every other company to develop god like products.

And you cannot certainly forget the fact that the iPad already has those E-Reader applications so why would a person want to buy an E-Reader in the first place? The question is still hanging in the balance and if one of those E-Reader developers release something revolutionary, then it’s going to be a new milestone in the production and development field.

The question at this point in time is whether or not these sales are going to beat the record by 2016. It does seem that eReaders will have gained more popularity, but given the advancement in technology, I’d say that 2016 will be more about tablets, portable computers and handheld devices rather than eBook readers.

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