Former Microsoft CEO and founder: Bill Gates is under the assumption that his cell phone and mobile devices are not being tapped by the government. After the NSA Edward Snowden fiasco, the U.S. government’s surveillance policies came under immense criticism by people all over the country. Fact of the matter is, everyone is worried about his/ her privacy whether it is online, or in real life world.

Bill Gates in an undated interview

Having said that, Gates expressed his concerns about the government surveillance projects by saying that balance needs to be defined between privacy and security. A lot of agencies breach into our private life for the sake of “securing” our lives. “It’s not as if government surveillance is absolutely bad in all cases.”

Continuing the discussion, the CEO said, “Well certainly when I am calling somebody on the phone, I don’t assume that it is being tapped into. So there is a basic sense that anyone who is providing this service has to make sure that it is secure for all clients.”

Gen. Patraeus and Paula Broadwell shaking hands in an undated photo

On a side note, RIM, the Blackberry manufacturer was drawn out of business by Pentagon because it refused to reveal its offshore server data to U.S. and Arab States under numerous threats. As a result, Pentagon started cancelling contracts with RIM, while making petty excuses that the company’s services are no longer as good as in the past years.

We cannot rely on faith, alone, and expect ISPs, government agencies and cell phone service providers to do the same. On the subject of sending emails, Bill Gates is pretty much aware that they get tapped too. If it were not the case, then Gen. David Patraeus, former armed forces officer and Director of the CIA wouldn’t have been caught for an alleged sexual affair with a journalist/ writer: Paula Broadwell.

When I’m sending e-mails, I’m willing to talk about confidential matters, what salary, who we’re going to promote, what we’re going to do in things. So there is a basic sense that whoever is providing that technology has to make sure it’s secure,” said Gates in an interview.

To cover up all these security breach attempts, government representatives say that you don’t have anything to fear as long as you are not hiding anything. True, but this kind of statement is not supposed to allow morons to go to unimaginable extremes when tapping into our private lives. Please, for the love of God and all that is Holy, stop abusing our rights in the name of national security and online privacy.