This is not an ordinary Razer!

Razer is an American company that deals with gaming hardware, software, and peripherals. It is quite popular among the gaming community. Recently, Razer decided to enter the smart wrist wearable. It debuted with Razer Nabu in 2014. It did not succeed in gaining much hype.

Now, the company has thrown a new version of their wristband called Razer Nabu X in the market. Let’s see how it fares in the market. It was unveiled in International Electronic Consumers Store or ECS 2014, but when this version rolled out it lost its screen. It tried to make up for this deficiency with a remarkable low price.

Razer Nabu X

This is a rubber wristband sports LED lights that show fitness alerts and other notifications from the mobile phones. The first version settled down without creating much fervor among users amid the release of Apple wrist watch and other applications from software giants like Google, Apple, and others. The Nabu X has hit the stores and comes with an enticing promotion offer of two for one offer.

It means that when you buy one Nabu X you get another free. It makes it super cheap at $25 apiece. This offer is valid till 31 May, 2015. Later, you would be able to get Nabu X by spending $50. Let’s see that does it hit the mark in use or is it just trying to propel in the turbulent market with the help of lower price tag?

The band is a comfortable wear, but it is unattractive

The rubber wristband is very comfortable to wear. It fits nicely on the wrist with its fit to all design. Its clamps keep it fixed in its place. This feature is very useful especially when you are working out or jogging. It does not slip off. The silicon black color of rubber does not prevent dust accumulation that readily gathers on the strap. No, you can’t just wipe out the dirt.

The particles remain there. This would have been very annoying had it not been waterproof. You can wash it. But don’t rinse it like it a cloth. It is still an electronic device!

The main feature of the device is the 3 LED lights. Otherwise, it would have been ‘just’ wristband. But these are so tiny that you have to look carefully where these small dots are. Apparently, it happens when it is not charged.

When it is charged; it sports quite a light-show. The lights lit up with different colors if you have some notification. You can tap the band twice to find your stats and any notifications.

Charging Issue

You need to charge the band with a cord. You have to carry this cable with you. But once you charge it fully, it may last up to a week. The proprietary port does not let the cord fall. They seem to be very faithful

How the device works?

The band has a three-axis accelerometer sensor. This sensor tracks your steps and the distance you covered. It also shows stats such as number of calories burned, etc. Tapping it twice reveals the information. The wristband syncs with a smartphone. The phone needs some application to show your performance. When you are not near your phone, the buzz and LED’s to tell you that there is some notification for you on your phone.

What is in the apps?

To use Nabu X with iOS you need to have three applications installed. This may discourage some of the users. Given that, if you want to give Nabu X a try, you need to install the utility app first. This will sync the wristband with the phone. It will also work as an alarm. The powerful buzz doesn’t let the wearer sleep. Then you need to install a home app that will enable stats from the bands on the phone. Finally, there is the main fitness app.

The company also brag another feature of the band called Pulse. Pulse shares the Facebook and Twitter contacts with another Nabu X wearer (most probably your friend). It works when you shake hand with the wearer. It also lets you share your health stats with your buddies. According to the company this feature will make the wearer more social. So far, it doesn’t seem to work as hardly anyone would be seen with Nabu X.

NOT-ify me later!

By default, the LED lights lit up with different colors. For an incoming call, they will turn blue, for alarm they will get red and for all other notification they turn green. Here the things take an infuriating turn. When the lights are green, you will not know what the heck is happening at your phones. You may have received a mail or a friend request from someone, but there is no way to tell why the lights turned green. You will have to fetch your phone to know.

It makes it cumbersome to pick out phone after some time to know that the band was buzzing because you had a spam mail. In iOS, you will have to turn manually off the feature in every application to tell the band not to vibrate. In Android it is easy; you may disable Nabu for applications Fo which you don’t want alerts.

The Fitness App: The home ground

As gaming software is Razer’s home ground, it shows satisfactory performance here. You get the stats in real time for four things; steps taken, distance covered, calories burned and sleep duration. The stats are very accurate. You have to set your goals yourself. In other fitness applications, the app guides the user what he is to aim for. Another thing that supports its reputation as fitness band is that it lets you transfer your data to a very useful app called MapMyFitness.

Turned Down For What?

The Nabu X would have fared well had it had a screen. With the ambiguous notification system of LED lights which causes more problems than solving it, it leaves a lot to be desired. Similarly, there is more robust fitness software in the market. Why would anyone want an unknown wristband unless it has some very fresh and extraordinary features? On the bright sides, it is comfortable, cheap and energy efficient device.