Infinite Warfare, Call of Duty latest installment is out and about by now in the market. I remember a few months back, I had the “distinct” pleasure of watching its sales page in my Steam Account interface. I wanted to pre-order the game; not for the fact that I am a Call of Duty series fan, but it was the graphics that got me. I have always liked games with high end graphics and all…

Anyway, it was a half-assed impulsiveness, I didn’t end up buying the game. By the time, I had enough free hours at my hand, my SLI configuration was no more; I was practically just gaming on PS4 only. Eventually the months went by, I forgot all about my so-called feelings for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, life went on – so on and so forth.

So where am I headed with this article? It just happens that some website featured an article stating that Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare made record breaking sales. More so, that news publication also stated that the game developers saw a massive amount of multiplayer player population on the very first day of release. I say that’s bullshit. Things were misrepresented and they weren’t exactly true.

What happened to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare player population on day one?

The plain and honest truth is that sales for CoD: Infinite Warfare may be “record” high, but the actual player population was not even the 50% of the series’ last installment. It just so happens that game critics and consumer insights revealed a much darker picture for Infinite Warfare. By now, Activision has been known to just rehash the same old formula repeatedly, with better graphics and music; at its core, the gameplay and mechanics are still the same.

Last year on Steam charts, to say the least, Black Ops 3 reported over 68,000 players within the first week. This number was only met by 15,000 more or less this year on the release of Infinite Warfare; that’s your statistic right there. Other games to take the place were Dota, Counter Strike and Indie Titles. The large player drop off is said to be concurrent with the lack of what Call of Duty franchise has to offer these days.


If they don’t improvise or improve what they have to offer, the franchise will eventually be dead.

According to a user metrics website correspondent, the following statement was issued in the light of recent events, “With last year’s Call of Duty losing over 80% of its playerbase on year later, there might only be a couple thousand PC players left playing the Infinite Warfare title on Steam come this time next year. It is likely only going to get worse for the next year’s fourteenth installment in the series based on the current numbers.”

I kid you not, if Activision goes on putting more money into Call of Duty franchise, it will be a waste of revenue in the long run. We get the point that players used to love the game as whole, and there was a time that CoD did rule the charts with massive record breaking sales but that’s all in the past. There are so many other factors to account for these days.

While inside the studio, the developers and their team leads may still be living by the old code which says, “Oh, there was once this great game and we can still improve things here and there to reacquire our loyal fans.” But given the situation, I think it’s time that Activision move on and create something entirely new. Maybe a new war theme based title, with something entirely different to show to all the gamers out there.

Call of Duty did set a new standard and benchmark in many aspects during the past couple of years. However, it is time to change. Last year, Twitch reported that Black Ops 3 had almost 200,000 viewers. This year, during the same season, Infinite Warfare stands at 100,000 viewers on the average. Now you be the judge and decide for yourself where this is all headed.